Natural Living Tip – July 23rd

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

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braggs acv1

I’m sure you have heard of the amazing Bragg brand of products, but have you started making them a part of your natural living? Their apple cider vinegar is an all natural remedy and supplement for so many things as you see above. If you or anyone in your family suffers from any of the ailments listed you should definitely pick up a bottle to keep on hand. Just a tablespoon a day can do wonders. I keep a gallon myself.

The use I want to share with you today as a Natural Living Tip is for anyone that has scalp issues (i.e. oily, dry, flaky, product build up, etc.). Once a month I do this as a way to reset my scalps pH and I have the best hair days in the days following it. Get a color applicator bottle from your local beauty supply store with the pointed tip. The bottle has 8 parts/lines to it. Pour 1 part Bragg’s ACV and fill the rest with warm water. Screw on top, shake it up and apply it directly to your scalp using your finger pads to massage it in. DO NOT use your fingernails! This is vinegar it will burn if you scratch your scalp. Your fingernails are not necessary to get the deep clean that the ACV will provide. After you apply the entire applicator bottle rinse and apply your usual conditioner.

This product has been a great help to my scalp and more. Have you used it for any of the issues listed above? What were your results? Are their other things you use it for? I want to know if no one else does so thanks for sharing in the COMMENT section below (^_^). Also don’t forget to click the star to LIKE and SHARE SHARE SHARE  this Natural Living Tip with your Facebook, Twitter and Email list peeps.

Natural Living Tip July 17th

Hot Glow Juice Recipe

This is becoming a theme! One of you beYOUtiful Earthly Bodies requested a juice recipe that doesn’t contain greens and I am very happy to oblige. Greens have super powers and should be added if possible to every meal. However if there is ever a time that I am out of greens or making a variety of recipes to juice cleanse for a few days this is the first juice I go to. It has gotten rave reviews from my instagram peeps and I’m excited to hear what you think about it! If you weren’t already excited get this…their are only 3 ingredients ;-).

hot glow photo gridHot Glow

4 Navel Oranges

2 Pink Grapefruits

2-3 dashes of Cayenne Pepper


Run oranges and grapefruits thru your juicer. Strain. Add cayenne. Shake and enjoy! This recipe makes 32 oz. in my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. There’s not an orange juice on the market that beats the taste and definitely not the nutrition of this recipe. If you are a pulp lover then skip the strainer and you’re all set! This is a great recipe for fat burning as well as a great metabolism booster.


I know you’ll enjoy…come back and tell me about it in the comments below (^_^). Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE <3.

Lemon Joy!

I love lemons and I love finding new everyday uses for them! If ever there was a fruit that I rank amongst God’s top “you did that!” in terms of multi uses lemon would be in the top 3 if not #1…hmm, maybe I’ll blog about that sometime ;-). You’ll also be pleasantly surprised that some of these are using the lemon peel that we often just toss away. So here it is a list of 14 things you will find joy in incorporating lemon for health, beauty and household. Oh and in response to a comment I received from a gentleman wondering why I never give specific “beauty” tips for guys I say I DO! The first four letters in beauty spell b-e-a-u (^_^), enjoy.

Lemon Joy!

  1. Lemon rids the body of toxins and makes the stomach happy! Lemon can help relieve a lot of digestion problems when mixed with hot water like nausea, heartburn and parasites just to name a few. This is due to the digestive qualities of lemon juice. Common symptoms of indigestion like heartburn, bloating and burping are relieved. By drinking fresh lemon juice regularly your bowels are helped in eliminating waste much more efficiently. This means drinking lemon juice can cure constipation! Lemon also acts as a blood purifier and as a cleansing agent. It is even known to help relieve hiccups. I know what you’re thinking I could stop right here! It is because of what you just read and many other reasons that I begin EVERY single morning with 8-16 oz. of hot water, 1/2 – 1 freshly juiced lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper <3.
  2. Boost your immune system with the powerhouse of Calcium, Potassium, Vitamins C, B1, B2 and B6, Riboflavin and Magnesium. No more Z-pac for you!
  3. Control High Blood Pressure with the high potassium content of lemons. It also will control dizziness, nausea and provide relaxation to mind and body. It also reduces mental stress and depression. So the next time you’re feeling fatigued or down just cut a hole at the top of a lemon and suck it. Yes you’ll make a face initially, LoL, but you’ll also feel a burst of energy aka “the sunshines”.
  4. Wash your face with lemon juice for an all natural cleanser and exfoliator. Also just by dabbing a little lemon juice on blackheads you can draw them out during the day.
  5. Take the juice of 1 fresh squeezed lemon, add half that amount of witch hazel and double the amount of filtered water and voila you have a skin toner for the ages! While the witch hazel cleanses the skin the lemon will lighten spots/scars and brighten your overall complexion.
  6. All natural deodorant. Yep I said it! Use your used lemon that you squeezed into your morning hot water and rub it on your arm pit like you would any deodorant. It will naturally and very well handle any bacteria that is looking for secretions to cause order. This has lasted a full 24 hours for me and I work out 6 days a week with some heavy sweating!
  7. You can have clean and whitened nails without a manicurist. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon to 1 cup warm water and soak your fingertips in the mixture for 5 minutes. After pushing back the cuticles, rub some lemon peel back and forth against the nail for a naturally beautiful manicure.
  8. Lemon juice freshens breath. The citric acid in the juice alters the pH level in your mouth which kills bacteria that cause bad breath. Be sure to rinse after a few minutes because long-term exposure to the acid in lemons can harm your tooth enamel.
  9. Lemon has antibacterial properties to soothe and heal throat infection by gargling with lemon and water if a salt water mixture isn’t working or you just don’t like it.
  10. Freshen the fridge. Hey I grew up letting baking soda do this job like everyone else!  But you can put lemon juice on a cotton ball or sponge, place it in your fridge and get the same effect WITH that great lemon scent. Be sure to remove the stinky culprit causing the smell from the fridge.
  11. Garbage disposal refresher. Every morning after making my hot lemon water I throw the used lemon half down my garbage disposal to use as a freshener. Cool right?!
  12. Cutting board refresher. We have a lot of nerve frowning at the smell of our cutting board when we have no regard for what we cut on it (i.e. onions, garlic, meats, etc.) To get rid of the smell and to sanitize the cutting board, rub it all over with the cut side of half a lemon.
  13. Fruit and veggie wash. I love using vinegar as my go to veggie wash, but was so very pleasantly surprised when I was out and used 1 Tbsp of lemon juice in my spray bottle to rid my produce of any pesticides or dirt.
  14. No more brown guacamole! Just squeeze lemon juice on your finished guac and the lemon juice slows down the oxidation process keeping it that amazing green much longer. Also works well with fruit salad and its a win win that lemon compliments the taste of both dishes.

Lemon Joy1

Hopefully after reading this you will remember “when life gives you lemons….don’t throw away the peels!”

What have you used lemon for? Sharing is caring! As always don’t forget to click the star to LIKE this post, COMMENT below and SHARE SHARE SHARE this post with your Facebook, Twitter and Email list. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE <3!

Natural Living Tip July 10

Today’s tip is a juice recipe that I make at least 3 days a week. If you have wanted to try juicing, but don’t know where to start with the thousands of possible combinations then today’s tip is for you. Only 4 ingredients and you are gifting your self a juice loaded with Calcium, Potassium and Vitamins A & C. Can you say skin care to the max?! Yes!This juice will help you with your goal of healthy clear skin and so much more.


Kale Yeah Lite

1 Bunch of Kale

1 Large Cuke

2-3 Apples (I prefer Pink Lady, but use your favorite)

Juice of 1 Lemon (peel before juicing or use manual juicer)

Run all ingredients thru your juicer. Strain. Enjoy! Quick Tip: always run your leafy greens thru first so that you get the most juice and your cucumber last because the high water content helps to push through any remaining fruits/veggies at the end ;-). This recipe makes 30 oz. in my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. I hope you’ll try Kale Yeah Lite and come back to let me know how you like it…your body will love it (^_^)!

Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE!

Re-Published: Our Heartache in Miscarriage

July 9, 2015 – I can not believe it has been 2 1/2 years since life as I knew it died, but only so that I could truly LIVE! There are so many new beYOUtiful Earthly Bodies that have joined me either here or on social media since May 2015…this re-publish is for you. Thank you for whatever reason you have for visiting my site and reading my words! For you to understand how Earthly Bodies came to be what it is today I have to take you back to the beginning, January 14, 2013. After reading you’ll have a better understanding of why this isn’t just a diet or fly by night change for me. This is my lifestyle. My life was saved through the tragedy below. Now my offering to God is to help people make their body a safe place to live.


angel baby comfort

January 17th, 2013 I was on the brink of death… This was all due to the optimistic naivety of both myself and my husband along with the inconsiderate, misguided direction and flat out ignorance of my OB/GYN and his staff at that time. Just 4 days prior on January 14th we received the best and worse news of our life in the span of a 2 minute conversation. “You’re pregnant Mrs. Ramos and I’m sorry, but you’re having a miscarriage.” At the time I was 36 years old and had never heard the words you’re pregnant nor had I seen that cute plus sign on a test that I’ve dreamed about. Following that call it was a dramatic day of calling 911, ambulances and emergency rooms that ended with me being sent home with instructions to keep my legs elevated so the ectopic could “pass”.

The morning of January 17th I was experiencing pain that registered 31 on a scale of 1-10. My skin was dull and grayish…it was obvious our baby was not “passing”, however I began to feel like I was. Boo took one look at me after waking to my groans and said “get your doctor on the phone” which I did. Per usual the receptionist had the personality of a lemon and proceeded to tell me I could come in the next day. All I can remember is feeling weak as I heard my husband’s voice say “lady you tell Dr H. we’ll be there in 20 minutes, goodbye.” Boo forced a few spoons of grits and eggs in me in an attempt to bring any sign of strength back to his wife. I honestly don’t even remember the ride…I only remember seeing red.

When we arrived I was placed on an exam table. The moment Doc touched me I jumped off that table like a wet cat from the pain. I watched the color leave his olive middle eastern skin as the camera showed him what he should have confirmed days earlier: our baby was weeks further along than he assumed and continued to grow in that blocked section of my right Fallopian tube. The doctor touched my hand and asked “have you eaten anything?” I told him about the few bites and he instructed me not to take in anything else because he was admitting me for emergency surgery.

Boo and I at the 1 year memorial of the loss of our angel baby, Angelese. This brick is laid at Paracletia Inc in Prarieville, La. alongside others remembering angel babies loss to miscarriage and still birth <3.

Boo and I at the 1 year memorial of the loss of our angel baby, Angelese. This brick is laid at Paracletia Inc in Prarieville, La. alongside others in a garden remembering angel babies loss to miscarriage and still birth <3.

After waking from anesthesia I was no longer pregnant and no longer had a right Fallopian tube. DESPAIR. According to Dr H. there was too much swelling for him to take a look at the remaining left tube. He wanted to go back in around March to do the procedure again and focus on the left side. Yeh Right!

angel baby i will always wonder

The days following my laparoscopy were emotionally devastating. It felt like Satan had been waiting to pop the cork of my own special bottle of torment he’d had laid away for 36 years. But GOD and My Boo shielded me from that devastation. Praise The Lord for a man who prays for his wife! Looking back it saddens me that Boo had to be so strong…he suffered the same tragedy along side me…he lost our baby too.

Between January 14th and my second procedure on April 2nd (new and  amazing OB/GYN) I grew so tired of hearing the phrases “it’s not your fault”, “you did nothing wrong”, “no one knows why these things happen”, “there’s nothing you could have done”, ” don’t blame yourself.” But, how could I not? Who else was there to blame? Father GOD and I had a long talk because HE didn’t make me to think the way the doctor’s, family, friends and strangers wanted me to. There had to be something I could do…something I could control in this situation. As clearly as you’re reading this I heard HIM say “There is something you can do. You can control what you allow in your body. You can make your body the safest place for you and your babies to live.” WON’T HE DO IT?!?! From that moment I began researching, studying and preparing my mind to match up with what my heart wanted. This along with a support system that is unmatched led to becoming a plant based vegan May 3rd, 2013.

angel baby mom key chain

This is  the emotional aspect of me being and living a healthy natural life. This story is the driving force that cements why I will not go back to my old way of thinking and treating this temple of GOD. Our baby’s life was not in vain…our baby came to save my life!!! As of today I have maintained 47 lbs of weight loss, been delivered of hypoglycemia and no longer taking any medications. Not to mention my hair, skin and nails look amazing (others words not mine, LoL #teamhumble) (^_^). I’m the happiest and healthiest me I’ve ever been! Thank you Father GOD, thank you My Love Christovia and thank you to our baby Angelese.


July 9, 2015 – Looking back on these words gives me a renewed energy and focus. 1 in 4 woman suffer this loss…I didn’t know this until I was the 1. It helped me to read other stories and fellowship with these other women. Feel free to share this story with anyone it will help. In all your love please be careful with your timing though. Notice it was over a year later before I could type and publish the words above <3.

Now that you know the why click >>> It’s My Vegan-versary to read where I was a year into my journey. Don’t forget to click the star to LIKE this post, COMMENT below and SHARE SHARE SHARE this post with your Facebook, Twitter and Email list.

Natural Living Tip July 3rd

Avocado is a great alternative to banana in your smoothie.

Avocado is a great alternative to banana in your smoothie.

Hi Earthly Bodies! I hope you had an amazing 4th of July holiday enjoying family and friends. Now let’s get back on track with your healthy natural living goals!

Last week on the Earthly Bodies Natural Living Facebook page I talked about only a few of the benefits of adding an avocado to your diet daily and shared a recipe for  Strawberry Basil Smashed Avocado Toast. Did you miss that? No worries click here ;-). Well here’s another quick and yummy way to reap the benefits of avocado that I shared. It makes a fantastic replacement for banana in your smoothie recipe. It makes your smoothie soooo creamy which is one of the reasons banana is used so often. Maybe you’re allergic to bananas or can’t have the them due to other health concerns or just want a change up…this recipe is for you!

14 oz Water

1/4 cp Aloe Vera Juice

1 handful Spinach

1 small Avocado

1 cp Blueberries

2 Pineapple spears

1 Tbsp Flaxseed or Chia Seeds

Blend together and enjoy 32 oz. of creamy delicious whole food nutrition!

Come back and let me know how you like it in the comments below…I love hearing from you. Also LIKE and SHARE SHARE SHARE with your Facebook, Twitter and Email list peeps.

The 5 W’s on Colon Hydrotherapy

Today’s blog post may not make good lunch table conversation, but it can and has saved lives. I can’t say that I’ve ever met someone who gets excited about colon hydrotherapy, but I can tell you there isn’t anyone who’s colon wouldn’t be in LOVE with you for having it  done. Let’s take it back to grade school and discuss the 5 W’s of this treatment.


Overall health begins in the colon.

WHAT – Colon hydrotherapy is an ancient form of removing waste from your large intestine with filtered water. It is also referred to as a colonic, colon irrigation, colon therapy or high enema. From my experience it is a very safe, effective method of removing stored fecal matter, gas, mucus and other toxic substances from your colon without the use of chemicals or drugs. This process introduces purified filtered water into your colon and body waste is softened and loosened making it easy and painless to evacuate the body. This is repeated several times during a colon hydrotherapy session which last between 45 – 90 minutes. This includes the  time it takes to discuss your medical history with your hydrotherapist, what will happen and changing clothes.

WHO – YOU if you have a colon! A healthy digestive tract gives up 2 – 3 bowel movements per day.  This treatment will improve the health of your digestive tract and increase your transit time of how long it takes your food to exit once it has been eaten. The shorter the transit time the better because this gives your food less time to just sit around and rot in your body. In a healthy body a normal transit time is between 18 – 24 hours. However, the average transit time for the Western population is 60 to 100 hours. All thanks to our over-processed world of “food” or food like substances.  An article from the Department of Public Health states that if you are not eliminating 2 -3  times per day you are to some degree constipated and this is a warning that your colon is not functioning properly. The slower the transit time the higher chance of the walls of your colon being lined with un-eliminated waste….you grossed out as I was yet? It’s okay…when you know better you do better!

WHY – Well if “who” didn’t do it how about this. The average person can carry up to 10 pounds of old waste in their colon. Yep that pesky 5 – 10 lbs. you’ve been trying to get rid of could be just this…old set up waste. Also it’s a fact that we are all exposed to THOUSANDS of toxins and chemicals everyday whether at home or work, through the air we breathe and food and water we take in and through any pharmaceutical drugs. This on top of sugar and processed foods being eaten more now in human history than ever before…that’s why. When you clean  your colon you are decreasing your body’s toxicity. Look at it like changing your oil in your car on a regular basis. We all know where that could lead if not done…it can’t and won’t function properly as designed.

WHEN – The number and frequency of colon hydrotherapy will depend on your goals, dietary habits, intestinal health and lifestyle choices. Having one is the first step toward better colon health which is a part of your overall health. A series of 3 is normally recommended to get the full appreciation of what colonics can do for your body. After your first you and your hydrotherapist will discuss your personal frequency which could be once per month, quarterly or yearly. I do this every 6 months as a check up that my diet and lifestyle is still on track to great colon health…so far I’ve gotten a gold star (^_^). Your turn!

WHERE – Use Bing or Google to find a trusted provider in your area. Visit their site to read reviews and take them seriously. Also call and talk to the hydrotherapist to get a feel for their bed side manner. I’d even suggest doing as I did and visiting in person to feel the vibe and pick up some information. This is a big deal and you need to feel comfortable with who you are working with. If you go somewhere and they just say get undressed and sit on this tube – RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! When done correctly this is a very effective and relaxing experience.

An example of a colon hydrotherapy bed "pinterest board style" :).

An example of a colon hydrotherapy bed “pinterest board style” :).


More like what I’m use too (^_^).

If you just can not see the hydrotherapy bed in your future then know that a diet full of raw vegetables, fiber, water and a probiotic will have your colon in a great way. As always I hope this blog post helps you, your family or anyone you love on your journey to healthy natural living. Have you had colon hydrotherapy before? What was your experience and please shout out the name of the place you go to in case another reader in your area is looking. Sharing is caring <3. Don’t forget to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your Email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Some many little time!

If you’ve been hanging around here or following me on social media the last few weeks you have heard and read the word magic used a good bit. That is mostly because after being delivered from so many senseless ailments in the last 2+ years by simply changing my lifestyle and being introduced and in some cases reacquainted with Father God’s creation and intentions for my natural wellness the outcome has seemed like just that…magical. Today you are hearing it because it is truly the name of the product I’m talking about. A few weeks ago I did a quick video regarding how much we love this soap in my home and some of you had follow up questions. So just like that a blog post was born (^_^). Thank you again for letting me know what you want to know about…you’re making my “job” easy <3. You can watch that video below, on YouTube or on Facebook if you missed it.

If you have ever even glanced at one of these bottles you know that it is COVERED with words that the late Dr. Bronner called the Moral ABC’s. Some of it is pretty thought provoking stuff and some of it I’m still scratching my head over. I admit I have yet to finish reading an entire bottle because you can easily get caught on a thought and start chasing that rabbit. I do really like his statement that we only need 2 cosmetics in life, enough sleep and his soap to clean body, mind, spirit and soul. This soap claims to have 18 different uses all in one bottle. The uses include: washing your face, body, hands and hair, for bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit, aromatherapy, washing dishes by hand, doing laundry, mopping floors, all-purpose cleaning, washing windows, scrubbing toilets, washing dogs, controlling dust mites, and killing ants and aphids. Yep, that’s 18! I can personally speak for the greatness in 8 of the uses and hope that you will try one of the 8 different formulas/scents for your own personal or household needs.


For me the almond/green bottle is the most moisturizing so I use it most for showering, shaving and occasionally washing my hair if I’m out of my staple product. The almond oil scent is my favorite. My husband however gets dried out by the almond oil so he uses the tea tree/orange bottle with great success. He doesn’t even have to use lotion afterwards!  We also use this one or the peppermint/blue bottle as a hand soap by mixing 1 part soap to 7 parts water. The lavender/lavender bottle is reserved for gentle laundry washing…smells divine. The citrus orange/yellow bottle is my go to for hand washing dishes, doing the floors and cleaning the counters and appliances. Such a fresh clean scent. Because of all the natural goodness a very little goes a very long way making the cost more than worth it.

Have you used Dr. Bronner’s soaps? Which one is your favorite and what do you use it for? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…I love hearing from you. Be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your Email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!

EBNL Client Spotlight – Jacque E

Hello Earthly Bodies! Each month I’d like to bring you a client spotlight as a way to introduce you to real everyday people, like you and I, that have decided to take control of their health and make their body a safe place to live with help from Earthly Bodies Natural Living. It is only fitting that the first one go to my Mama, Jacque. Besides Father God she was the first person to love me in spite of myself.  I hope you enjoy this and future posts like it.

As a teenager and young woman if you really wanted to get under my skin all you had to say was “ooh you’re just like your Mama.” That would send me to a place where my only mission in life was to prove you wrong. Not anymore. My heart is smiling so big over her dedication and accomplishments in her natural living journey. Today, I would like this post to celebrate this amazingly beautiful and phenomenal woman. I’d like to share with the world how grateful I am to have even a small chance of that statement being true.

Today's Client Spotlight is about my Mama; my first best friend, my teacher, my Pastor and most recently she added EBNL Client to her resume ;-).

Today’s Client Spotlight is about my Mama; my first best friend, my first teacher, my Pastor and most recently she added EBNL Client to her resume ;-).

In January of this year she received news from her doctor that shook both her and I to the core. The doctor wanted her take yet another prescription which would put her at 5 meds. ABSOLUTELY NOT! After all I had learned to allow my body to heal itself that was not going to happen. Besides if I owe this knowledge to anyone she is first on the list! Operation save my Mama was in full effect and I was a force to be reckoned with. God actually used this event to push me out of the nest to fulfill my purpose of running EBNL full time <3. I am elated with the outcome of her overall health and that she is down to only 1 prescribed medication…WINNING! Here is her testimonial about her experience as an EBNL client.

My Mama loss 7 lbs in her initial 10 day detox, but has continued her journey with the tools and tips she learned from EBNL and was down 29 lbs. in 2 months. Still losing...

My Mama loss 7 lbs in her initial 10 day detox, but has continued her journey with the tools and tips she learned from EBNL and was down 29 lbs. in 2 months. Still losing…

“I have tried to lose weight off and on for years! As a matter of fact I  have been losing the weight loss battle since 1998! I have tried every diet under the sun that came in my path unsuccessfully,  sometimes doubling what I did lose. I have tried to do it on my own, thru reading an author’s book and following the plan, giving up along the way or following a fitness program from TV (only to realize that if at all possible I could just eat the little bit of the food plan prescribed along with the heavy workout, it was no way not to lose even not exercising, but never satisfying).

I was offered a plan which constituted a new way of thinking whereby I eat to live, rather than live to eat, by my daughter-Johanna Earthly Ramos, that included a mindset change whereby I wasn’t  dieting (they all fail), but Healthy Eating, Drinking and Exercise as a Lifestyle, in July 2014 of which I heard her, but did not adhere and continued to try other things, still unsuccessfully! Thanks Be To FATHER GOD  that my daughter never gave up on me!

Then it happened! Jan. 27, 2015, I took a look at myself in the mirror, did not like what I saw (how so out of shape I had gotten and disgusted about the amount of medicine I was on), that I made the decision to truly do something about the look of sick and unhealthy that I refused to let plague me any longer, because it wasn’t the way FATHER GOD  designed me to be!

 On Jan. 28, 2015, I weighed in at 214 lbs. I’ve always heard health specialist say that I needed to walk 10,000 steps a day, outside of my job or daily regimen, so I decided to see what that would be. To my surprise it was a 5 mile walk! So I did it everyday from that point on! So excited on Feb. 4, 2015 that I told my daughter about it. She reminded me that I would also have to change my eating habits to effect the change in my body and health that I was looking for. So on that day, I decided to give her 10 Day Detox Plan a try. I started on Feb. 16, 2015 (still doing my daily 5 mile walk). I went from 214 lbs. to 207 lbs.. Implementing the tips of her plan after my 10 day detox ten days later, on the 26th of Feb., I weighed in at 196 lbs. and 2 dress sizes smaller, having lost several inches as well. I am now getting in clothes that still had tags on them that I have never been able to wear. Moving from a size 18 to a 14 and some size 12-14! I continued to maintain in this new Lifestyle of eating and decided on April 8, 2015 to do a 5 Day Detox under her supervision! To my surprise, along with my continued exercise regimen and healthy eating, I went from 196 to 185 and have been maintaining that weight to now. I have 29 down and 31 more pounds to lose and keep off from this point on! Thanks Johanna & Earthly Bodies Natural Living as I continue giving my body what it needs and it shining for me. I feel great and am hardly taking any medication that has been prescribed for me. And yes, I have my Check-ups and my doctor says I am looking and doing very good. PRAISE THE LORD! Obedience always brings the intended Blessing!”
You can find this and other client testimonials here on by clicking the Program Testimonial tab at the top. Also if you are a client of any of the EBNL plans or services you can submit your experience by clicking the Contact tab. I can’t wait to share your story! What ailment or condition are you curious if a change in lifestyle is the answer to? Leave your comments and encouraging words for Mama/Jacque in the box below. Also be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!





The Magic of Pineapple and The Magic of YOU!

This title should be switched because YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Yes I’m yelling :). Your response to last weeks Natural Tip and Resource on Facebook with my husband Christovia and I discussing the magical pineapple was both heart warming and energizing to this girl. That was our first video and from the looks of the shares, likes, comments and emails we received it will not be our last :). You also wanted to know more about this magical fruit so again and as always ask and you shall receive.

For those of you that have not liked the Facebook page yet (what are you doing with your life? LoL click here…I’ll wait till you get back) here is that video. It’s a great introduction to the additional information you’ll receive below.

Welcome back! Isn’t My Boo awesome?! <3. Now that you have a general idea of the magic of pineapple and you know how to pick, cut and serve one up let’s dive deeper into 14 reasons it should be in your everyday diet.

  1. Ward off colds /Relieves sore throat/Boosts immune system. Pineapples are abundant in vitamin C and bromelain which fight against microbial infections. If you’re taking a prescribed or over the counter medicine to fight your cold eating pineapple along with it can help cure it in a shorter time and more effectively.
  2. Strong bones and Anti-inflammatory. As I said in the video pineapple has a rich amount of manganese which helps in strengthening bones, connective tissue and preventing inflammation for those suffering with arthritis. Just 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice gives you about 73% of the required manganese for a day!
  3. Strengthens gums. Your gums are the hug that your teeth never want to let go (^_^). So healthy gums = healthy happy teeth.
  4. Sinusitis. Ugh! Before changing to a vegan diet I went to the doctor one a year for the same frustrating sinus infection. Haven’t missed that visit…in fact my doctor called to check on me, LoL. Again it’s bromelain for the win in pineapple that helps rid you of this.
  5. Adult vision loss. When it comes to macular degeneration a lot of the credit for eye health goes to carrots and with good reason, but pineapple also contains beta carotene which empowers vision. Why not double up…they make GREAT juice together!
  6. Anti-Cancer properties and Heart Health. The abundance of antioxidants in pineapples help fight against free radicals. This halts the process of cell damage, preventing several types of cancers and the antioxidants keep free radicals away and lower the cholesterol levels, preventing heart diseases.
  7. Digestion. The dietary fiber, vitamin C and bromelain abundantly present promotes proper digestion.
  8. Hypertension.  The high amount of potassium and lower amount of sodium in pineapple helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. Good news whether you are suffering from or trying to prevent high blood pressure.
  9. Nausea. If you are prone to motion sickness or if you’re pregnant a key benefit from drinking pineapple juice is that it averts nausea or morning sickness.
  10. Acne. Vitamin C is a well known cure for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Bromelain which is  the anti-inflammatory enzyme in this fruit, boosts up the healing power of Vitamin C.
  11. Younger looking skin. The presence of amino acids along with the Vitamin C helps boost collagen synthesis. The higher the collagen synthesis is, the firmer and more flexible your skin will be.
  12. Strengthens nails. I’ve mentioned Vitamin C quite a bit, but when it comes to the health of your nails it is the lack of Vitamin A that makes way for dry, brittle nails and a Vitamin B deficiency will cause your nails to crack and split. But, you don’t need an over the counter multivitamin pill or other supplement to ease this condition…just add pineapple to your diet.
  13. Prevents hair loss and inflamed scalp conditions. Vitamin C is also an important element in preventing hair loss. So eat it in slices, chunks, wedges or juice it up to reap the benefits and prevent hair loss. Also the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain prevents and eases inflammatory conditions including those that affect the scalp. It also offers relief from infections of the scalp, preventing unwanted hair loss.
  14. Thickens hair. The enzymes present in pineapple enrich the hair follicles by feeding it necessary vital nutrients. This improves the elasticity and thickness of the hair.

pineappleAre you as amped and hungry as I am for some pineapple now?!? Delicious AND nutritious…Yes please! My favorite quick snack is to grab chunks of pineapple and sprinkle them with Himalayan pink salt and smoked paprika…you’re welcome (^_^). What’s your favorite way to enjoy this magical fruit? Leave your comments in box below. Also be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!