What’s your pH #

Is your body fighting or inviting disease?

You didn’t really think I was asking for your phone number did you?! Let’s talk about the other pH, presence or potential of hydrogen, which is the scale that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The one that determines whether your body is fighting or inviting disease.

I bought this kit from my local health store A Better Way. The optimum pH level is between 7.2 - 7.4.

I purchased this kit from my local health store A Better Way. The bodies optimum pH level is between 6.6 – 6.8 when saliva or urine is used to sample.

Fall 2014 I decided to get  my first colon hydrotherapy  after researching the benefits. In general this is the irrigation of the colon and small intestines to  remove toxins. I will do a future blog post on that experience. One of the first things my therapist wanted to do was a pH test to determine my levels by dipping one of the test strips in a sample of my urine(wasn’t necessary…you can place the strip on your tongue for a second as well). I was delighted that my level was 7.5 alkaline. Good thing too since I’d just spent 15 minutes talking with her about my vegan journey. She didn’t know me from Eve…the test would prove if I had a primarily plant-based diet or not. And it did! The trust curve was moving in the right direction! I now know that level was more alkaline than I needed to be.

Today my pH is between 6.5 - 7.0.

Today my pH is between 6.5 – 7.0.

Back to you and why it’s so important for you to know your own pH. This scale ranges from 0 to 14 where a pH of 7 is neutral, a pH less than 7 is acidic, and a pH greater than 7 is alkaline or base/basic. Because our bodies live and die from a cellular level the first line of defense against disease is attaining and more importantly maintaining a proper pH balance. DISEASE CAN ONLY GROW IN AN ACIDIC BODY! When your body is acidic you are making a comfortable home for the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and all types of  other unwanted “things”. I’m all for southern hospitality, but I draw the line there! Also cancer always strikes those with an over-acidic body. That study was enough for me! Control the controllables is a great motto. Cancer and disease may very well strike in some form or fashion, but don’t let it be because of something you could control like ensuring your body is not in an overly acidic state.

Here’s a great list I pulled from www.care2.com. of 10 things you can incorporate in your daily life to start moving the needle on your pH level today!

  1. Start your day with a large glass of water with the juice of a whole, freshly-squeezed lemon. (I know lemon may seem acidic, but it alkalizes once it enters the body.)
  2. Eat a large green salad tossed in lemon juice  and olive oil. Greens are among the best sources of alkaline minerals, like calcium.
  3. Snack on raw, unsalted almonds. Almonds are packed with natural alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium, which help to balance out acidity while balancing blood sugar.
  4. Drink an almond milk and berry smoothie with added green powder like spirulina, chlorella, or other greens. Choose almond milk over cow’s milk, since the latter is acid-forming.
  5. Go for a brisk walk or some other exercise. Exercise helps move acidic waste products so your body can better eliminate them.
  6. Breathe deeply. Ideally, choose a spot that has fresh, oxygen-rich air. And, sorry Febreze, Glade, and all the other so-called “air fresheners”: air filled with these scents is not what I’m talking about here.
  7. Go meat-free for a day… or longer if you like (^_^). During the metabolism of meat, there is an acid residue left behind.
  8. Skip the sugar-laden dessert or soda.  Sugar is one of the most acidic foods we consume. You need over 30 glasses of neutral water just to neutralize the acidity of ONE can of soda :-/.
  9. Add more veggies to your diet. No, potatoes don’t count. But sweet potatoes are a good choice (provided you’re not slathering them in sweeteners or butter).  Asparagus, squash, peppers, and other vegetables are also excellent choices.
  10. Sprout it out. Add more sprouts to your daily diet. They are extremely alkalizing and supercharged with nutrients and energy-boosting enzymes.

I hope you’ll use this list…I know it will help in your overall road to healthy living! That’s why you’re here, right?

It is recommended that your food intake be 75% alkaline. Meat, dairy and grains are acidic while most fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Getting in 8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily will get you where you need to be. These can be prepared in juices, smoothies or eaten raw or steamed for the greatest nutritional and pH value (sliding one of my roasted veggie recipes  in every now and then won’t hurt 😉 ). Aside from foods keep in mind that emotions play a strong part in your pH levels. It should be no surprise that love makes your body alkaline while hate, anger, loneliness and despair have been shown to move your body to an acidic pH level. The song was right ALL WE NEED IS LOVE.

I want to hear from you! Which of the 10 tips outlined above are you committed to using and making your body a safe place to live? Leave your reply in the comment box below.

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My at Home Workout Regimen

We are all very much aware that exercise is beneficial and a necessity for our long-term  health. So why isn’t everyone doing it?! The most common answer given to this question is “I just don’t have time to go to the gym”. Well in the next few minutes I’m going to give you back that 15-30 minutes of drive time you can’t find to get to the gym and introduce you to the best sweat therapy I’ve found.

4 days out of the week my living room is transformed at 5:15 a.m. from this...(insert finger snap)...

4 days out of the week my living room is transformed at 5:15 a.m. from this…(insert finger snap)…




My sweat therapy time has become a necessity for me to get my shine on for the rest of the day! If you’ve been subscribed to this blog for a while then you know that I was 11 months into my vegan journey before I decided to incorporate exercise into my life. If you’re not familiar with that story and the why behind the what click here to read that post: It’s My Vegan-Versary. The main thing was I wanted to test out the theory that healthy sustainable weight loss was 70% what you put into your body, 20% physical activity and 10% stress level. Now that it’s 2 years since I became vegan I have all the personal research of my journey to point out that this is true! You really should check out that post…I included a before and after shot that shows you where I was May 3, 2013 at the start of my journey and the result of focusing on the 70% and 10% for 11 months. Click here. I slowly incorporated some light physical activity in the 12th month because I’d decided what my goals were for my 2nd Vegan-Versary May 3, 2015. As I just stated the 70/20/10 theory is golden! With incorporating physical activity in the next 13 months up to May 3, 2015 I only lost another 10 lbs. or so, BUT those inches though! And the shape of my body changed so much that my clothes were sliding off while zipped and button. In the words of my friend Dan that’s a high-class problem to have!

What was I doing to get all that magic? I work out 6 days a week: 2 days of strength training, 1 day of yoga, 1 day of yoga and abs and 2 days of cardio consisting of walking, jogging or biking. The strength training, yoga and abs I trust to no other than Les Mils Body Pump. This program is amazing and a great start for anyone not use to lifting weights for both cardio and strength training benefits!

Body Pump

When I lived in South Carolina 2006-2008 Les Mills Body Pump was taught at a local gym and I was hooked! Once we moved back to South Alabama in 2009 there wasn’t a class to be found. It wasn’t until October 2014 I learned that Beachbody offered an at home version of the program so I ordered it. As of today I see no reference of Beachbody offering Body Pump which is really sad because I want you to have it! However there seems to be several affiliate links that are selling it so BING or Google away! Everything you see in the pic above as well as the bar bell and plates of my sweat therapy photo comes with the program. The workouts range from 20-55 minutes long so when I was working in corporate America if my strength training days fell on a week day I would do the 30 minute full body workout without fail whereas if it fell on the weekend I’d do the 45-55 minute workout. It also comes with a really cool guide that walks you through 90 days to a fitter leaner you taking you from successfully completing the 20 minute workout through conquering the 55 minute workouts. It builds in your rest days and even tells you which workout to do on which days. The best at home workout program ever!

If you’re not interested in following along with a virtual class then purchase a step, dumbbells and mat like I did from Walmart to perform effective full body workouts. There are several fitness experts on instagram that will give you different workouts to get you started or keep you going. My favorites are getfitwithnic_ and iikandii88. They do a great job of making a collage of the moves in an instagram video and then instructing you on sets/repetitions for different skill levels in the comment section. Go check ’em out!

The point I hope you walk away with after reading this post is that the only thing truly getting in the way of the fitter, healthier you that you imagine and want is YOU. Get out of your own way and have your sweat therapy at home. Aside from looking amazing you’re leaving these benefits on the table:

  • Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning.
  • It reverses the harmful effects of stress.
  • It lifts depression.
  • Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Leaves you feeling euphoric.
Sweat Therapy is the best therapy!

Sweat Therapy is the best therapy!

What is your go to sweat therapy? Let me know in the comments below. Also like and share this post with anyone you think will benefit from it…which is everyone (^_^).




One Pan, One Meal, One BIG HAPPY FAMILY – One Pan Mexican Quinoa Dish

Eating healthy is challenging enough when you’re only focusing on yourself. Once you add the element of wanting to make sure your family is eating nutritious and delicious food it can become a daunting task! Time is a precious resource to all of us and I’ve come to save you time and make you the hero of tonight’s dinner. If you have 30 minutes and one pan you are well on your way to just that so dust off your cape. OH and by the way….it’s totally vegan! Shhhhh ;-).

What until they get a load of this! Nutritious, delicious and it's just so pretty!

What until they get a load of this! This one pan Mexican quinoa dish is super easy to make, loaded with nutrition, delicious and it’s just so pretty! NOM NOM NOM!

I have been vegan for 2 years now and while the way my husband and daughter eat has changed for the better they have in no way decided to convert to my “vegan ways”. And that’s okay…this is my journey not theirs. However it has been my goal to find more exciting and delicious recipes that fly waaay below their vegan radar. Nothing is more satisfying than getting that loud “mmmmm” from the living room after they dive into one of my vegan meals. This has become a requested weekly rotation in the Ramos kitchen and now I’m passing it on to your family table.

NOTE: If you would like a pictorial to go along with this process you can visit damndelicious.net which is where I adapted this gem of a recipe.

Let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients (go organic wherever possible!)

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1 jalapeño, minced
  • 1 cup dry tri-color quinoa (yes dry! even this will cook in the pan with everything else….AWESOME!)
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 (15-ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 (14.5 oz) can fire-roasted diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup frozen corn kernels
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • Himalayan pink salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 avocado, halved, seeded, scoop out and dice
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro leaves

Instructions (time to THROW IT IN THE PAN!)

  • Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Throw in your minced garlic and jalapeño, and cook, stirring frequently, for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now add your dry quinoa, vegetable broth, drained and rinsed beans, tomatoes, corn, chili powder and cumin; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Stir ingredients together.
  • Bring to a boil; cover, turn heat down to low until quinoa is cooked, about 20 minutes.
  • Stir in avocado, lime juice and cilantro.
  • Have a sneak taste.
  • Virtually slap ya Mama.
  • Serve immediately.
  • Humbly accept your praises.

This is hands down the quickest, easiest, most nutritious and delicious hot meal you can make for your family. It is loaded full of amazing real food. And don’t even try to overlook the health benefits of the protein from your quinoa and beans, the beautiful healthy fats from your avocado as well as the antioxidants in your tomatoes and cilantro. This meal is a win win for you and your family’s health!

What is one of your favorite one pan meals? Leave the name of it below in the comments so we can BING or Google it to our hearts content.

I can’t wait to hear how much you and your family enjoyed this! You can always come back and let me know here in the comments below or come visit me on Facebook at Earthly Bodies Natural Living or on Instagram at EarthlyBodies and leave a comment there.

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8 ISN’T ENOUGH…Drink Half Your Body Weight!

THAT’S RIGHT! Unless you’re 128 lbs, 8 glasses or the recommended 64 oz of daily water intake is NOT ENOUGH. Wanna know why? Let’s talk it out.

Drinking water is among the top three most amazing things you can do for your body everyday because it’s the most awesome and magical liquid out there. We have all been told at some point that we need to drink more water, but do you truly understand why it’s necessary or are you doing it because Mama said so or not doing it because you just don’t like it…tsk tsk tsk if you’re the last one. Here’s why it is sooo important that we drink water every day and just how much we’re talkin’.

  • Drinking water provides the means for nutrients to travel to your organs and tissues. This is why I drink 16 oz of room temperature to hot water with a squeezed lemon half every morning. It gets things going. Lets your organs know it’s time to wake up and do the doggone thang!
  • Water regulates your body temperature just like the water in your car’s radiator keeps your car from running hot. Such an easy way to take care of your body’s thermostat.
  • Water helps transport oxygen to your cells, remove waste and protects your joints and organs. Get rid of those middle of the night Charlie horses like I did by getting your water in.
  • Suffering from dry hair and/or skin? Drinking water provides the necessary moisture to combat those pesky issues better than any product or cream on the market. Your very own internal automatic sprinkler system ;-).

water per day

The earth is covered with 70% water and we know how bad off we’d be if that was taken away! Well our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water as well. If you don’t replenish it just imagine the Sahara Dessert over your entire body internally and externally. Making it a point to get your water intake is the most cost-effective way to alleviate some of your bodies most common ailments and issues. Take your current body weight, divide it by two and that is the number in ounces you should drink per day. You wanna drink less water? As your weight decreases so will the amount of water you need for optimal living. Two years ago when I started this journey I was 211 lbs and my body required 106 oz of water per day. Today I only need 80 oz at my current weight, but I’m so used to the benefits that I still get in up to 100 oz. I’m hooked (^_^)! Of course you can drink it as is or there are tons of recipes on this great internet of fruit and herb infused water.

What’s  your favorite recipe/way to drink your water? What best practice will you share that keeps your intake on target? Share down below in the comments.

(Hold your bottle, glass or jar of water in the air) CHEERS to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!

Vegan Potato Corn Chowder

Nothing says comfort in the colder months than a nice warm fire and sitting cuddled up with your love while eating a nice big bowl of chunky amazing soup! I can’t help you with the first two parts of that perfect evening equation, but the third one I’ve got you! This will hands down be the best, easiest, creamiest soup recipe you have made. And of course it doesn’t have to be cold outside to enjoy this deliciousness, but we have had some strangely cold temps down in South Alabama this winter and my soup game has had the chance to truly evolve ;-). You’re welcome!

Yes that's merlot in the back. It doesn't go in the soup...but makes the event of making it even better (^_^).

Yes that’s Merlot in the back. It doesn’t go in the soup…but makes the event of making it even better (^_^).

To get started here’s what you’ll need:

4 large potatoes chopped

1 small onion chopped

8 celery stalks chopped

2 garlic cloves minced

1 1/2 cps yellow corn (organic, frozen)

1 cp raw cashews

1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 1/4 tsp salt (you know I looove Himalayan pink salt)

1 Tbsp Mrs. Dash

1/4 tsp celery seed

7 1/2 cps water

large soup pot



Over medium high heat add your EVOO, onion, celery and garlic. Sautee until your onions are translucent. Once they are add your water and potatoes. Cook on medium high until taters are tender (12-15 minutes once water gets warm). After they are tender add corn.


Now for the part that makes it creamy! In your blender add 3-4 ladles of your soup including broth and 3 ladles of just broth. Add cashews, Mrs Dash, celery seeds and salt.


Blend until smooth.


Add mixture to pot and stir.


And voila! Vegan, creamy, chunky, delicious potato corn chowder.

Serve in your favorite soup bowls garnished with smoked paprika and scallions as pictured at the top.

Nom Nom Nom! What is your favorite vegan soup recipe? Leave a comment below.


DON’T Take 2 Pills and Call Me In the Morning!

I wish so badly to be able to say one day that our Health Care System, the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration are using their powers for good…that day is not today. We currently live in a world where the majority of doctors are prescribing drugs for conditions that cause side effects that require the consumer to need additional drugs to “treat”. On top of that all of these conditions can be eradicated with a proper diet of REAL food nutrition and exercise. I know this…trust me…even though I’m not a doctor (yet). Trust me because I’m a patient of consuming REAL whole foods and gifting my body exercise 6 days/week. Trust me because the conditions I suffered with up to Fall 2013 and the meds attached to them are now only remembered in the words of my testimony.

I started my cycle at the age of 8 years old and have always suffered with chronic menstrual cramps on day 1. I’m talking extreme, sharp pains shooting from my abdomen and into all of my extremities. I am fortunate that I only suffered for 1 day, but by the time I felt grown enough to get my own pain meds I was popping 3-4 ibuprofen throughout those 24 hours to deal with the symptoms…

During this miraculous time of the month (or for pain in general) make tea from fresh ginger and ditch the drugs!

During this miraculous time of the month (or for pain in general) make tea from fresh ginger and ditch the drugs!

Spring 2009 the level of fatigue I was experiencing was embarrassing. I was only 33 years old and only married for 3 years. Sure, being the manager of a top 3 bank with a multi million dollar book of business was stressful, however I knew not even that should cause me to only have the strength to crawl in my bed by 6:00 each evening. No deal for a young married couple. I had blood work drawn up and it concluded I was hypoglycemic. After meeting with a dietician days later it was obvious that my diet and total lack of exercise were the contributing factors. I was in tears as the dietician informed me that my pancreas would not hold on much longer and I was threatening diabetes. I wasn’t even sure what my pancreas did, but I wanted it to stay right where God placed it….

Summer 2010 I was promoted to the corporate position of my career dreams. The ramp up process included weeks of airplanes, hotels, rental cars, take out and binders on top of binders of information I felt I needed to memorize. Not even 6 months later my body shut down!! I began to itch all over ALL the time. I thought I had a case of hotel bed bugs. That was quickly dismissed by my general physician. She prescribed a tiny white pill for anxiety. I asked no questions. A few weeks later while travelling I woke up around 2:00 a.m. in a hotel alone and could not move my head. The pain in my neck and head was the scariest thing I’ve ever felt. All I could do was call my husband who was 5 hours away and thru my tears say “Boo I’ve hurt myself…”. I honestly thought I was about to die so I moved my legs to slide out of the bed and put on sweat pants and a hoodie. My only thought was “if I’m about to die the paramedics can’t find me in my underwear”. The front desk called 911 for me and after an excruciating ambulance ride I was at the hospital E.R. being pumped with morphine. I couldn’t see…the muscles in my neck were seizing. A torticollis induced by stress and anxiety is what the doctor said I was suffering from. I commenced with a regimen of a muscle relaxer and anxiety med to cease the itching and have a peaceful sleep for the next 2 + years…

Then January 14, 2013 happened… Read My Natural – Emotionally. My entire world changed as I began researching a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegan Food Pyramid

This is my Food Pyramid. In this pyramid I have found true health. My body has healed itself. I no longer suffer from menstrual cramps period! The wear on my pancreas has been reversed! My blood sugar levels are supreme! I have not popped a pain or anxiety pill since October 2013!

So don’t take 2 pills and call me in the morning. Instead eat from the bounty that grows from God’s earth. He has provided us with nature’s cure from the beginning. Give your body what it wants and it will SHINE for you!

What meds or conditions are you currently treating with real food or you want to know if you can? Leave a comment below.

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Kale Yeah!

If  you know me in real life or through social media you will find it no shocker that I LOVE KALE!

Oh let me count the ways…






I have three words…nom nom nom. You would be super safe taking my word for it, but here are some supporting facts as to why this magical green should be a staple in  your life. And with all the delicious variations it will be an easy nutritional addition. You’re welcome (^_^).

Kale Yeah!

Kale Yeah! Two of three main types of kale: Dinosaur (aka Lacinato) and Curly kale.

This green is definitely the first example I gladly give to the overheard question vegans get ” but where do you get your protein from?”. But its greatness doesn’t stop there! Kale is also high in fiber (YES!), folic acid (YES!), potassium (okay I’ll stop saying YES after this one…you get it I’m a fan), calcium, vitamins A, C, K and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and copper. Add to that that it is an excellent aid in weight loss and you should be asking yourself which way will I be fixing this tonight?! Still not convinced? Really? Okay pick something from the remainder of kale’s impressive resume. It’s packed with phytonutrients, helps keep skin healthy and strong, rich in antioxidants, a proven immune system and metabolism booster, an anti-inflammatory, helps activate detox enzymes in the liver and in case I forgot to mention it tastes fantastic. However for those of you that just can not take the taste of greens :-/ I’ve got you. Using kale in your juice and smoothie recipes is genius because it is trumped by the taste of your favorite fruits without compromising its nutritional value.

How do you incorporate kale into your healthy eating? Leave a comment below!

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It has been a great 2014! Thank you from Earthly Bodies Natural Living

This year has truly been a blessing to me in so many ways. I would like to give thanks in this post to those who are responsible for it all. Let me start by thanking Father GOD! You whispered my purpose in my ear before you planted me in my mother’s womb. I will never forget the day in 2013 biking along the beach with My Boo when I heard you say it again and it sounded so familiar and just right to me. Thank you for having a plan for my life…for knowing my beginning and still standing at the end. Thank you for being omnipresent and taking every step right alongside me. What the enemy intended to kill me with You have used to birth something wonderful and beautiful. I am in awe of what you are entrusting to me Father. I will never cease finding ways to ensure that You always get the glory and honor for what you are doing in my life.
I feel closest to Father when I'm on the water. Fairhope Al pier.

I feel closest to Father when I’m on the water. Fairhope Al pier.

Next I’d like to thank My Boo/My Husband. I could absolutely fill this page with all the things you have been to me, but for now I’d like to world wide web publically thank you for loving me as Christ loves His church. Unconditionally you love me and still have the same look in your eyes as the day we met 10 years ago. You see things in me that I may never see, but I’m so thankful that you do. You have physically chased me like I’m the finest woman on earth whether I was 211 lbs. or 165 lbs. I’m a lot quicker and stronger now, but don’t worry I’ll always want you to catch me <3. You have embraced me in this journey since losing our sweet baby January 2013 in a way I didn’t think possible. You are truly my #1 fan! Your support, curiosity and encouragement inspire me daily to do more and be better. The best is yet to come My Love!
Look at that smile...he is My Love. Boo and I New Orleans 2014

Look at that smile…he is My Love. Boo and I New Orleans 2014

To my Daddy, Mama, Brother and my Daughter thank you for your love and support. I know you may not understand why I do all that I do now, but you still respect it. I never have to worry about what I’m gonna eat when I see you or answer any questions in defense of my lifestyle. You have been my cheerleaders because you see the smile that comes from the changes I’ve made on the inside.

Daddy thanks for reading each of my posts and being concerned when I posted those “nudie” pictures, LOL. This is not from 2014, but it is my favorite picture of Daddy and I. My wedding day May 2006.

Daddy thanks for reading each of my posts and being concerned when I posted those “nudie” pictures, LOL. This is not from 2014, but it is my favorite picture of Daddy and I. My wedding day May 2006.

Mama thank you for FLOODING your Facebook timeline with EVERY post from my blog and Earthly Bodies Facebook page.  I think you may really be proud of your lil girl (^_^).

Mama thank you for FLOODING your Facebook timeline with EVERY post from my blog and Earthly Bodies Facebook page. I think you may really be proud of your lil girl (^_^). Early 2014. Photo bombed by my heart/oldest niece Jaxen.

Lil BROTHER thank you for your random compliments. I beam when you say “you look good Hanna”. Even though we’re adults now I still want to make my lil brother proud.

Lil BROTHER thank you for your random compliments. I beam when you say “you look good Hanna”. Even though we’re adults now I still want to make my lil brother proud. January 2014 the day his youngest daughter (the other half of my heart Jalisa) was born.

WoW have you changed on my journey! Who would have dreamed you would be asking me to roast broccoli, brussels sprouts or asparagus?! Thank you for being proof that I'm being a good example for you.

Heaven, WoW have you changed on my journey! Who would have dreamed you would be asking me to roast broccoli, brussels sprouts or asparagus?! Thank you for being proof that I’m being a good example for you.

Finally thank you the Earthly Bodies reader for coming in to visit, revisit and share my post with anyone you felt would benefit from the info (which is everyone ;-)). Without you this little space on the web would only be a journal or diary for me to get thoughts out of my heart and head in black and white. I actually told Father God I would be okay if that was what this blog was meant to be because He knew how much I needed an outlet especially as the blog took that pivotal turn and became more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for over 3700 views from 67 different countries this year!! This girl from South Alabama, USA is honored (^_^)
Thank you Earthly Bodies family!! You ain't seen nothin' yet ;-).

Thank you Earthly Bodies family!! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet ;-).

I am so giddy with excitement and anticipation of what 2015 has in store for Earthly Bodies Natural Living, LLC. I have had the opportunity to meet, speak with and consult some amazing people this past year and I’m forever grateful you have allowed me to take this journey with you! As for the blog I look forward to sharing more with you guys on a more frequent basis. Look for tons of motivation, inspiration, movie and book recommendations, work out plans, recipes, interviews, giveaways and MUCH MUCHMORE! You won’t want to miss any of it. If you’re not already following the blog through WordPress do so! That way each post is automatically delivered to your email once they go live.
What are your healthy living aspirations for 2015? Let me know in the comments below.
Here’s to a naturally healthy 2015 spiritually, emotionally and physically! Another opportunity to make our Earthly Bodies a safe place for us to live.
We love you for reading! Happy New Year,  Christovia & Johanna Earthly Bodies Natural Living

We love you for reading! Happy New Year,
Christovia & Johanna
Earthly Bodies Natural Living

RESULTS! Dherbs 20 day Full Body Cleanse – Fully Raw Vegan

Hi everyone HAPPY FALL! This is such a beautifully glorious time of year. A time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us and inside us.
I just wanted to drop in quickly to give you an update on my 20 day full body cleanse while eating a raw vegan diet. I just could not let September roll outta here without giving you what I promised.  After a lot of research and consideration I decided to complete this journey with the Dherbs full body cleanse. I stuck to this seriously strict regimen from August 21st – September 9th. You can read all about it on their website dherbs.com. But in the meantime here’s my take on the overall experience. That is why you stopped by isn’t it?
As I said this is a 20 day full body cleanse that focuses on cleansing all of your major organs and systems. Included in the cleanse are 7 different formulas six of which you take in a capsule and the final one is activated charcoal that you stir into a glass of water. Each formula is developed to pin point a specific organ/system: Formula 1 – Blood and Lymphatic, Formula 2 – Cardiovascular, Formula 3 – Liver, Gallbladder and Spleen,Formula 4 – Lungs and Respiratory, Formula 5 – Kidneys, Bladder and Adrenals, Formula 6 – Colon and Digestive Tract and Formula 7 taken at bedtime to absorb harmful toxins and wastes. For 20 days you take these formulas in 5 capsule doses every 2-3 hours. Your diet while on the cleanse is fully raw vegan which is genius because raw foods don’t lose any of their nutrients through cooking or heating. Also, the majority of raw foods are alkaline, which helps keep your body’s pH levels balanced. Prime environment for ultimate health! Just in case you try to get technical the cleanse spells out what you are and are not to have in detail. A fully raw food vegan diet is solely raw veggies (and juice), fruits (and juice), legume sprouts, sea plants, raw nuts, nut butter, seeds, raw herbs and plant oils. NOOOO animal products! No man-made (processed) sugars, dairy products (vegan or traditional), meat, fish or poultry, soy, tempeh, gluten grains or starches, wine, beer, liquor, vinegar, coffee, caffeinated tea, any chocolate and anything you would try to fry (I live in the South we’ll fry anything!). Did I mention this cleanse was pretty daggum strict?!? I’m still waiting on my superhero costume to arrive from Dherbs for completing this gauntlet ;-).
Before I get into my personal pros and cons here’s a before and after photo.
Dherbs before and after
Let me get right to the physical numbers because if you’re still here reading I’ll lose you if I don’t hurry up and give you this. Promise you’ll stay and read the rest though. Deal?? Overall I lost 8.5 lbs. and 10.5 inches from my arms, waist, abs, hips, butt and legs. Notice that I called these my physical numbers and not my results. This is because a) I didn’t do this for the weight loss just like that wasn’t why I became a vegan 16 months ago and b) my results took me and kept me in an emotional and mental place that I have become protective of in this lifestyle. Now that we’ve gotten that out the way let’s talk pros and cons shall we…
  • (At first read this will seem contradictory, but just hear me out) The physical numbers. Some of you are probably reading saying ‘what you did all that for a measly 8 lbs. and 10 inches?!?!’. Here’s the deal…the body on average can carry around 25 lbs. of toxins! So the fact that I only had 8 lbs. to get outta there is a major victory! It’s a testament to how respectful I’ve been to my body in my lifestyle. You with me? See your body will lose what it has to lose when you make the proper changes. Those physical numbers are what my body had to lose…YASSSSS!!!
  • Detailed guidelines. If you are a person like me that likes to have consistency in your life you will love how this cleanse is structured. Don’t know when to take which formula, what to eat, when to eat it, how much of what to drink?? NO WORRIES it is all outlined in the regimen, explanation and FAQ booklet that comes with the cleanse. I loved that all the guess work was taken out of the process. I needed those brain cells to keep myself encouraged and on task.
  • I couldn’t overeat! Yeh that never got old! When eating a 100% plant based diet you consume until you’re satisfied. No calorie counting, food weighing, plate proportions, none of that! And I got to make some of the most beautiful raw vegan recipes. You have to check out my Instagram @earthlybodies to see some of those pics. The things I did with my vegetti spiralizer in those weeks were unanimously amazing!
  • Ahhh, the energy and mental clarity! I remember on day 8 waking up feeling ridiculously incredible. I said that morning I didn’t ever have to lose another single pound in life if that feeling would stay around forever! I popped straight up when the alarm went off and felt so light. I caught myself humming while putting on my shorts and sneakers and telling my fur baby Dulce what I was about to do to that treadmill, LoL. He had a smile on his face listening to me. I’m telling yall the energy was contagious at 5:15 in the morning.
  • My menses was the bomb! Sorry fellas if that’s tmi, but run and tell the ladies in your life. They want to know about an alternative to taking 6 ibuprofens on day 1 for cramps (Yeh, that was me…). I know it was the raw vegan diet. And I will now hence forth and forever eat raw 7-10 days prior to it cycling every month. That’s just too good to ever let go!
My Mama always said if you have to say something negative you also have to counter with two positives. Well you know what Mama I only have one negative/con to five positives/pros in my Dherbs experience (^_^). Making you proud.
  • The dosage. Not sure if yall started doing the math or hoped I made a serious typo at the beginning of this post…I didn’t. Every day for 20 days I took 5 capsules each of formulas 1-6. That was a total of 30 capsules per day. I hated the sound of the alarm I set every 2-3 hours to remind me to take my next formula. I had a ceremony on day 20 where I deleted each alarm after I completed each formula. WILL NEVER MISS THAT!
 (Drum roll please……..)
As of this post no. While I thoroughly enjoyed the curiosity, research and experience I’m not convinced that I wouldn’t get the same results and PROS with my diet and exercise alone. So my next challenge is to put that theory to the test. Starting Wednesday October 1st  I will be eating 80% fully raw, exercising a minimum of 25 minutes and getting in my 80-90 ounces of water daily for 15 days. I can’t wait to report back on my experience and results.
I bet yall caught the 80% fully raw part didn’t you?? LoL…you’re so observant. Let’s talk about that. I like warm food! There I said it. I prefer it specifically at dinner. It’s the one part of my mental that I haven’t conquered yet. I didn’t list that as a con in the cleanse because it was temporary. I can do anything for 20 days! So can you!
Let me show you what I had for dinner the night of day 21 to celebrate.
roasted brocolli
Nom Nom Nom! The whole pan of roasted broccoli all to myself. My Boo made it for me and it was the most delicious thing in life. Trust me after 20 days fully raw it was. I was knocked out like my 8 month old niece after taking a bottle of formula in like 20 minutes. My belly felt like Christmas Eve! Click here for the recipe. With that being said for this next healthy venture I will eat fully raw daily till 6 pm or whenever dinner is. However even at dinner I will not eat any grains, pasta, starches (bye potatoes…until we meet again), breads, etc. You get it…all those things I listed above.
Have you tried or wanted to try Dherbs? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.
Alright beautiful people see you on the next one! I pray this helps someone. Please reach out with any questions you may have. Share this post with everyone you think would benefit from it…which is everyone. Your Earthly Bodies and I love you for reading!

TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Detoxing vs. Cleansing

If you are a human being the answer is a resounding YES you need to detox and cleanse your body. Why would this be any less important than putting the trash and garbage out of your house and onto the curb every Tuesday and Friday? IT’S NOT! (WOW what an awesome analogy, thank you God! I’m gonna take that one and run with it one day 😉 ).

First lets talk about the difference between a detox and a cleanse. Many times you will hear the words used interchangeably but there is a distinctive difference just like there is between garbage and trash. When you detox you are removing specific food(s) or food categories that have left you feeling bleh. You know the ones that have you foggy, bloaty, gassy, lazy, icky, heavy, grumpy, sleepy, sneezy and any other dwarf names you can come up with. Raise your hand if you’ve got time for that foolishness…riiiight. Detoxing is a great step in the right direction to better health and can be done more frequently and for longer durations. If you think about it I have been detoxing from animals and their by-products now for 16 months by choosing to eat vegan. Hallelujah! If you haven’t seen where that’s gotten me check out my post It’s My Vegan-versary! Another example of detoxing is when someone says they are going on a fast. This is done by the greatest number of people from all over the world during the Season of Lent. And it doesn’t aways have to be food. Sometimes people will detox from other things that have them feeling the same ways listed above like giving up social media, gossiping,  cussing, etc. Alright that’s detoxing. Are we good? Great! Let’s move to cleansing. When you cleanse you take all that a detox entails and go a step further by adding different foods, supplements, herbs and practices that focus on the cleaning of certain organs or systems in your body aiming to get them functioning to the best of their ability. The way Father God intended and created them to <3. Depending on the level and strength of a cleanse your body will only require this 1-4 times per year.

As I said earlier my temple is still benefiting from the ongoing detoxification of eating a mostly plant based vegan diet. I have been incorporating cleansing along the way.  My first cleanse was shortly after the beginning of my grand lifestyle change to eating a vegan diet in May of 2013 and it was AH-MAZING. I was lead and supported by my friend Tierra B. founder of Tierra Goes Green and it consisted of 10 days of  juicing as well as fruit, vegetable, nut and seed consumption where I was able to cook my veggies (i.e. steamed or roasted not fried people!) and daily supplements focusing on building my immune system as well as repairing and strengthening my reproductive system and mental clarity. My favorite benefits from this cleanse would have to be the knowledge and revelation I gained, my skin being crystal clear and the beginning signs of regulating my crazy menstrual cycle.  My second cleanse was a year later following my vegan-versary. This time I opted for a 14 day parasite cleanse where I studied and followed the research blogged by Organic Olivia. Yup you more than likely have parasitic worms living inside you that are getting to the good nutrients you are taking in before you can benefit from them. Uh heck no! I work too hard to put good things in my body and  I wanna keep.it.all!!!  This cleanse was also very enlightening and successful. There are TONS of videos out there of people capturing their journey on this cleanse.  And I’m warning you many of them very graphic as they search through their “elimination” to separate the different types of parasites to clearly define what their body has been dealing with. Yeh nah I didn’t go that far, but from watching the videos I was able to notice when I “passed” a parasite and what it was. I had a good number of liver flukes and round worms. Who knows how long they had been there!! I mean dang this was my first parasite cleanse and I’m 37. I’m not even sorry if you’re grossed out because knowledge is power. The fact is we de-worm animals shortly after they are born so why wouldn’t we de-worm ourselves?? I’m just sayin. My favorite benefit from this cleanse was noticing that I was no longer grinding my teeth while sleeping which is a symptom of parasites. I will definitely repeat this cleanse 1-2 times per year. This cleanse consisted of a colon cleanse drink and parasite cleanse drink that I took twice a day along with a daily probiotic and vegan diet. I pushed myself and did not eat any grains, pasta, potatoes (my weakness) or bread during this cleanse. There was lots of juicing, smoothies, a rainbow of delicious whole fruits and steamed or roasted veggies.

A month after completing that cleanse my family and I went on vacation in June to a beautiful part of Florida. I was enamored by all the vegan restaurants, cafes and bakeries along the way as well as where we were staying. Between where we live and I work there are only 2 vegan cafes so let me just tell you I didn’t know how to act. In my Kevin Hart voice I wasn’t ready! I was like a kid in a candy store for a straight week. Then that week was followed by a few business trips to Atlanta and OH LAWD do they roll the red carpet out for vegans! Everyday it was some kind of vegan bread, cheese, pastry, pizza, burger, sauce, etc. etc. etc….I was in trouble. Even though I still worked out 5-6 times per week I managed to put on 5 lbs and I felt heavy, bloated, lazy and icky within 9 weeks. CHECK PLEASE!! I was not going out like that. I’ve worked too hard and I remember why I started this journey. That shall never be in vain. Read  my post My Natural – Emotionally for that story. And so the research began for a full body and total system cleanse to get a clean slate. Success! As of Thursday August 21st I started my longest and strictest cleanse yet. A 20 day all natural full body cleanse while eating a fully raw vegan diet. I won’t be sharing the details or research behind this cleanse until I complete it as I don’t want anyone rushing out to try it before I can give a full comprehensive report of my results along with all pros and cons. What I can tell you for now is that as of today, August 24th, day 4 of 20 I feel GREAT! I am truly enjoying eating fully raw, experimenting with all the tasty recipes and listening to my body. Who would’ve thought that this country girl would ever be enjoying an un-hot meal.

Have you detoxed or cleansed? For how long? What was your experience? Leave your comments below.

I completely trust and believe in the process: Eat right, Believe in yourself, Make wise choices, Be patient, Work hard and Remember you’re worth it! When you make a mistake love yourself enough to make it right and even better than it was before<3. I look forward to sharing more with you. Here’s to making our earthly bodies a safe place for us to live.