TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Detoxing vs. Cleansing

If you are a human being the answer is a resounding YES you need to detox and cleanse your body. Why would this be any less important than putting the trash and garbage out of your house and onto the curb every Tuesday and Friday? IT’S NOT! (WOW what an awesome analogy, thank you God! I’m gonna take that one and run with it one day 😉 ).

First lets talk about the difference between a detox and a cleanse. Many times you will hear the words used interchangeably but there is a distinctive difference just like there is between garbage and trash. When you detox you are removing specific food(s) or food categories that have left you feeling bleh. You know the ones that have you foggy, bloaty, gassy, lazy, icky, heavy, grumpy, sleepy, sneezy and any other dwarf names you can come up with. Raise your hand if you’ve got time for that foolishness…riiiight. Detoxing is a great step in the right direction to better health and can be done more frequently and for longer durations. If you think about it I have been detoxing from animals and their by-products now for 16 months by choosing to eat vegan. Hallelujah! If you haven’t seen where that’s gotten me check out my post It’s My Vegan-versary! Another example of detoxing is when someone says they are going on a fast. This is done by the greatest number of people from all over the world during the Season of Lent. And it doesn’t aways have to be food. Sometimes people will detox from other things that have them feeling the same ways listed above like giving up social media, gossiping,  cussing, etc. Alright that’s detoxing. Are we good? Great! Let’s move to cleansing. When you cleanse you take all that a detox entails and go a step further by adding different foods, supplements, herbs and practices that focus on the cleaning of certain organs or systems in your body aiming to get them functioning to the best of their ability. The way Father God intended and created them to <3. Depending on the level and strength of a cleanse your body will only require this 1-4 times per year.

As I said earlier my temple is still benefiting from the ongoing detoxification of eating a mostly plant based vegan diet. I have been incorporating cleansing along the way.  My first cleanse was shortly after the beginning of my grand lifestyle change to eating a vegan diet in May of 2013 and it was AH-MAZING. I was lead and supported by my friend Tierra B. founder of Tierra Goes Green and it consisted of 10 days of  juicing as well as fruit, vegetable, nut and seed consumption where I was able to cook my veggies (i.e. steamed or roasted not fried people!) and daily supplements focusing on building my immune system as well as repairing and strengthening my reproductive system and mental clarity. My favorite benefits from this cleanse would have to be the knowledge and revelation I gained, my skin being crystal clear and the beginning signs of regulating my crazy menstrual cycle.  My second cleanse was a year later following my vegan-versary. This time I opted for a 14 day parasite cleanse where I studied and followed the research blogged by Organic Olivia. Yup you more than likely have parasitic worms living inside you that are getting to the good nutrients you are taking in before you can benefit from them. Uh heck no! I work too hard to put good things in my body and  I wanna keep.it.all!!!  This cleanse was also very enlightening and successful. There are TONS of videos out there of people capturing their journey on this cleanse.  And I’m warning you many of them very graphic as they search through their “elimination” to separate the different types of parasites to clearly define what their body has been dealing with. Yeh nah I didn’t go that far, but from watching the videos I was able to notice when I “passed” a parasite and what it was. I had a good number of liver flukes and round worms. Who knows how long they had been there!! I mean dang this was my first parasite cleanse and I’m 37. I’m not even sorry if you’re grossed out because knowledge is power. The fact is we de-worm animals shortly after they are born so why wouldn’t we de-worm ourselves?? I’m just sayin. My favorite benefit from this cleanse was noticing that I was no longer grinding my teeth while sleeping which is a symptom of parasites. I will definitely repeat this cleanse 1-2 times per year. This cleanse consisted of a colon cleanse drink and parasite cleanse drink that I took twice a day along with a daily probiotic and vegan diet. I pushed myself and did not eat any grains, pasta, potatoes (my weakness) or bread during this cleanse. There was lots of juicing, smoothies, a rainbow of delicious whole fruits and steamed or roasted veggies.

A month after completing that cleanse my family and I went on vacation in June to a beautiful part of Florida. I was enamored by all the vegan restaurants, cafes and bakeries along the way as well as where we were staying. Between where we live and I work there are only 2 vegan cafes so let me just tell you I didn’t know how to act. In my Kevin Hart voice I wasn’t ready! I was like a kid in a candy store for a straight week. Then that week was followed by a few business trips to Atlanta and OH LAWD do they roll the red carpet out for vegans! Everyday it was some kind of vegan bread, cheese, pastry, pizza, burger, sauce, etc. etc. etc….I was in trouble. Even though I still worked out 5-6 times per week I managed to put on 5 lbs and I felt heavy, bloated, lazy and icky within 9 weeks. CHECK PLEASE!! I was not going out like that. I’ve worked too hard and I remember why I started this journey. That shall never be in vain. Read  my post My Natural – Emotionally for that story. And so the research began for a full body and total system cleanse to get a clean slate. Success! As of Thursday August 21st I started my longest and strictest cleanse yet. A 20 day all natural full body cleanse while eating a fully raw vegan diet. I won’t be sharing the details or research behind this cleanse until I complete it as I don’t want anyone rushing out to try it before I can give a full comprehensive report of my results along with all pros and cons. What I can tell you for now is that as of today, August 24th, day 4 of 20 I feel GREAT! I am truly enjoying eating fully raw, experimenting with all the tasty recipes and listening to my body. Who would’ve thought that this country girl would ever be enjoying an un-hot meal.

Have you detoxed or cleansed? For how long? What was your experience? Leave your comments below.

I completely trust and believe in the process: Eat right, Believe in yourself, Make wise choices, Be patient, Work hard and Remember you’re worth it! When you make a mistake love yourself enough to make it right and even better than it was before<3. I look forward to sharing more with you. Here’s to making our earthly bodies a safe place for us to live.

What do you think? Let me know you were here (^_^)!

4 thoughts on “TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Detoxing vs. Cleansing

  1. This needs to be in a book and YOU are the author! I love it and stay right there in the lane you’re in. It’s just a matter of time…<3

  2. I yet have my story to share of how 7 and 1/2 weeks found me 27 lbs. lighter, maintaining for the last 3 months, with 33 more lbs. of weight loss to go! it is on! Thanks” EarthlyBodies”! You are not a di et, but a “Life Style”!