DON’T Take 2 Pills and Call Me In the Morning!

I wish so badly to be able to say one day that our Health Care System, the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration are using their powers for good…that day is not today. We currently live in a world where the majority of doctors are prescribing drugs for conditions that cause side effects that require the consumer to need additional drugs to “treat”. On top of that all of these conditions can be eradicated with a proper diet of REAL food nutrition and exercise. I know this…trust me…even though I’m not a doctor (yet). Trust me because I’m a patient of consuming REAL whole foods and gifting my body exercise 6 days/week. Trust me because the conditions I suffered with up to Fall 2013 and the meds attached to them are now only remembered in the words of my testimony.

I started my cycle at the age of 8 years old and have always suffered with chronic menstrual cramps on day 1. I’m talking extreme, sharp pains shooting from my abdomen and into all of my extremities. I am fortunate that I only suffered for 1 day, but by the time I felt grown enough to get my own pain meds I was popping 3-4 ibuprofen throughout those 24 hours to deal with the symptoms…

During this miraculous time of the month (or for pain in general) make tea from fresh ginger and ditch the drugs!

During this miraculous time of the month (or for pain in general) make tea from fresh ginger and ditch the drugs!

Spring 2009 the level of fatigue I was experiencing was embarrassing. I was only 33 years old and only married for 3 years. Sure, being the manager of a top 3 bank with a multi million dollar book of business was stressful, however I knew not even that should cause me to only have the strength to crawl in my bed by 6:00 each evening. No deal for a young married couple. I had blood work drawn up and it concluded I was hypoglycemic. After meeting with a dietician days later it was obvious that my diet and total lack of exercise were the contributing factors. I was in tears as the dietician informed me that my pancreas would not hold on much longer and I was threatening diabetes. I wasn’t even sure what my pancreas did, but I wanted it to stay right where God placed it….

Summer 2010 I was promoted to the corporate position of my career dreams. The ramp up process included weeks of airplanes, hotels, rental cars, take out and binders on top of binders of information I felt I needed to memorize. Not even 6 months later my body shut down!! I began to itch all over ALL the time. I thought I had a case of hotel bed bugs. That was quickly dismissed by my general physician. She prescribed a tiny white pill for anxiety. I asked no questions. A few weeks later while travelling I woke up around 2:00 a.m. in a hotel alone and could not move my head. The pain in my neck and head was the scariest thing I’ve ever felt. All I could do was call my husband who was 5 hours away and thru my tears say “Boo I’ve hurt myself…”. I honestly thought I was about to die so I moved my legs to slide out of the bed and put on sweat pants and a hoodie. My only thought was “if I’m about to die the paramedics can’t find me in my underwear”. The front desk called 911 for me and after an excruciating ambulance ride I was at the hospital E.R. being pumped with morphine. I couldn’t see…the muscles in my neck were seizing. A torticollis induced by stress and anxiety is what the doctor said I was suffering from. I commenced with a regimen of a muscle relaxer and anxiety med to cease the itching and have a peaceful sleep for the next 2 + years…

Then January 14, 2013 happened… Read My Natural – Emotionally. My entire world changed as I began researching a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegan Food Pyramid

This is my Food Pyramid. In this pyramid I have found true health. My body has healed itself. I no longer suffer from menstrual cramps period! The wear on my pancreas has been reversed! My blood sugar levels are supreme! I have not popped a pain or anxiety pill since October 2013!

So don’t take 2 pills and call me in the morning. Instead eat from the bounty that grows from God’s earth. He has provided us with nature’s cure from the beginning. Give your body what it wants and it will SHINE for you!

What meds or conditions are you currently treating with real food or you want to know if you can? Leave a comment below.

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33 thoughts on “DON’T Take 2 Pills and Call Me In the Morning!

  1. I can say with all honesty “It’s working!” You have dedicated your life to this and I’m honored to be in your circle Johanna. It’s time for my detox and I can’t wait. So what will the next level be? I’m ready to try your workout regimen too! How about one of your new recipes or even the next piece of info that will change my life forever. I’ve enjoyed the journey and I can’t ever get enough of gett’n my shine on! Thanks Earthlybodies!!

  2. I am sooo happy you are here and able to share this information. I go in and out, in terms of anxiety. My pain is my environment, in my own household. I am enlightened with tons of healthy information daily from you and Tierra. I have experienced “feeling good” and I mean GREEAAATT!! But occasionally I fall into a mind slump when the reality of world and life takes over. Causing me to fail my body and mind. Clouding it with poison. I just wish I had a support system to share and balance with daily. I can’t tell you how hard it is doing it alone. I know the outcome is GRAND and HEAVENLY when on track. And trust, I do want that feeling everyday all day. It’s hard. I will make it. My prayers grow stronger everyday. Thank you…. A blessing you are as usual. 🙂

  3. You ma’am are a gift and a blessing! You have the will and the right spirit to really change your life and others. It is tough when those closest to you aren’t seeing the same light that you are…but that is when you find out what you’re really made of. I didn’t go into this journey expecting my household to do what I was doing or understand what/why I was doing it. When I focused on me my journey began speaking loudly for me. Now my husband, my 15 yr old, my Mom and many others are coming to me for advice and ways to make healthier choices. LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH! YOU DESERVE IT!
    I want to be a part of your support system…it will be tough at times and that is when you reach out to Tierra and me. Email me so we can connect at
    Let’s go get you that feeling you’re seeking EVERYDAY (^_^).

  4. This has really made me think about the medicines I currently take and how I really want to stop. I’m excited
    about this journey into knowing and taking care of my body.

  5. WOW! This blog really has me thinking! After reading this blog I don’t want to take another pill. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so excited to see what’s in store for me with God’s help first then the help of earthlybodies! Ready for my new journey!

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us in this blog. I am eager to learn more about what real foods that can treat or eliminate my ailments and conditions. Instead of relying on drug prescribed by doctors for treatment. For the most part that is what they do, treat conditions rather then cure. Making you a lifetime customer of the drug companies. I look forward in my body operating efficiently and being all it can be. The way God intended, with what he provided and without drugs. ” We perish due to the lack of knowledge!”

  7. I like the fact that if things go right with God help I will be of all med. so in case of a headache pull out the ginger and that’s a good thing because I already take enough pills.

  8. I wonder if during the plan would my cramps stop hurting as bad ,because they use to make me vomit and cause me to have headaches. Can’t wait to start to see how my body reacts to it.

  9. It is amazing how many issues I have or am having that are similar to yours. Menstrual cramps and pain which has been replaced with hot flashes for me. Anxiety caused by pain. I can truly say I am a believer in natural healing.

  10. What stood out to me the most is how simply taking care of our bodies can take away some of the daily struggles we thought were just a part of living. Awesome!

  11. I’m 27, I’ll be 28 this year. I just had s baby almost nine months ago and my body still feels so weak! My energy levels aren’t that great either and I catch myself relying on coffee to make it through the day! I’m not taking any meds but I need to get my life back together!!! Your story is so real and it makes me realize how important it is to nourish our bodies with foods from the earth not a package! Thanks for the post! It’s a great reality check! Xoxo

  12. All I can say after reading that is “Can it really be that simple?”

    The mere fact that all that was going on with someone so close to me both hurt and slapped me in the face all at once! Lol

    God placed you in my path with this calling you have for a reason. I haven’t been told by a doctor that I have the issues you do but I have been experiencing some of the symptoms you were before learning to treat your body right!

    I can’t wait for what’s ahead and I also can’t wait to find a new array of foods and remedies that I can pass on to my own child and others as well! You know I’m picky but I’m certainly ready to be more open-minded when it comes to what I’m ingesting! I will look sideways at a beet or piece of ginger but will pop an ibuprofen as though it were natural and healthy!

    Thanks for taking me under your shiny wing and helping me to be your next EBNL success story!

  13. I just want to so that I am impressed and if I saw this testimonial from someone I didn’t know and I trust, I honestly wouldn’t have believed it!

    I am both afraid and relieved that while I haven’t had medical confirmation of the same issues you had, I am having some of the same symptoms!
    I am ready to be a testimony and grateful you’ve taken me under your Shiny wing to lead me on the path to success!
    You know I’m picky so I’m ready and willing to be more open minded to what is good and what works! I will look sideways at a piece of ginger but pop an ibuprofen as though it were nature’s little cure! Lol
    So with all that said, I’m ready!
    My body will thank both you and me when you’re finished with this plan!!

  14. It’s truly amazing how similar our testimonies are. As you know I am in transition to plant base and I know ginger to be a Godsend for many things that ail us. I am currently using God’s eating plan to reverse the curse of years of eating man’s way. I’m looking forward to the metamorphosis that is about to happen. I InJoyed this blog…from the title to the end!

  15. I love this, I have always had the mentality that a pill can help cure your ailments quickly. Now I am on the journey to do this God’s way and be an example for my daughter

  16. Hey Johanna,

    Let me start by saying, thank you for sharing your “testimony”, it alone is truly an inspiration to those who need to know there are natural remedies that have been God approved. I have worked in the health care industry for over 20 years both on the clinical side as well as the administrative, so my perspective on the matter of how the healthcare system is designed maybe a little biased but also I’m not blind to the truth. More often than not healthcare providers seek to heal you by any means necessary, even if it causes you to have other health issues because as you know all to well they, have a “pill” for whatever is ailing you. Also the drug administration provides healthcare providers with those costly sometimes unaffordable drugs that may only treat those ailments not cure you. My heart is full after reading your story and truly believe God brought you through this so you could educate how to live the healthy life style He intended for all of us to live. I’m so ready to begin my journey of a pill free life, by replacing it most of those foods you have listed in that Vegan pyramid (Lol). “Eat your medicine” my new norm! Great post looking forward to reading all of your blogs

  17. WOW! Even after ALL the medical diagnosis and medications, especially the morphine it could NOT heal you. But turning to the NATURAL way of life solved it ALL. Our Creator definitely provided us with what is needed to live a beautiful life. That vegan food pyramid is the truth. Thanks for sharing and your hard work. ♥

  18. I too suffer from menstrual cramps so I will definitely incorporate ginger. I am wondering if my hives are caused by anxiety. Very interesting article.
    Thank you

  19. I am about to be 57 next week….I used to take Hormone replacement pills for menapause but I stopped over a year ago. Too much weight gain… all of the symptoms of menapause have returned…..yuck…..and no weight loss over a year so I am excited to see where this journey takes me…..and glad I have you to help me along the way…..Just started adding ginger to my water!!!!