Cranberry Crush Juice Recipe

Natural Living Tip Sept 17, 2015

In the last week there has been an unusual yet welcomed cold snap in beautiful South Alabama. As I was out and about the crisp air made everything scream FALL IS COMING! In the department store windows the mannequins were dressed in sweaters and cardigans of warm dark colors and every eatery and cafe was advertising pumpkin flavored something. Yep! It’s really coming! One of my favorite seasons. And for me this only means one thing…IT’S CRANBERRY TIME! I looooove these little rubies so! First of all they’re a gorgeous color (what can I say I’m a sucka for pretty food.) Then they have the nerve to be so super good for you with a big punch of Vitamins E, C, K, Manganese and Fiber in such a small package. All of these vitamins and tons of phytonutrients are wonderful in helping to protect the body from harmful free radicals and offer anti-inflammatory and cancer-prevention properties.

Here is my favorite cranberry juice recipe. I can’t wait for you to try it and let me know what you think (^_^).

cranberry crush

What’s your favorite thing to do with cranberries? I know you’ll be crushin’ on Cranberry Crush Juice…come back and tell me about it in the COMMENTs below and don’t forget to SHARE this Natural Living Tip with your social media and email peeps (^_^). Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE <3.

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