Why Massage is a Necessity for Healthy Living

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Did anyone else grow up like me thinking that getting a massage was a luxury and not a necessity? Well my gift to you is the science backed up by nature that massage is in fact a  necessity for healthy living. We all know it’s relaxing and can definitely be beneficial for coping with stress, anxiety, depression and sore muscles, but there’s more! For example did you know if you enjoy a massage, you could help your heart and arteries stay healthy, youthful and strong? YES, massage for heart health…and so much more.


Benefits of massage:

  • It counteracts all the sitting we do daily. Let’s face it we spend more time at work than at home and the majority of us sit behind a desk for 8+ hours followed by being so mentally exhausted we only want to sit some more when we get home. We have to be careful as this causes forms of postural stress that will initially show up as pain in the neck and shoulders, but if ignored can advance to pain or weakness in the low back and glutes. So for those of you that love your desk job good news you can keep it…as long as you schedule a regular massage.
  • A 45 to 60 minute massage can decrease blood pressure by 10 mg Hg and heart rate by 10 beats per minute after only one treatment. That’s about as much as you would get from taking a blood pressure medication for life! Lay on a massage table so you can drop those pills!
  • Getting a massage boosts your white blood cells which are responsible for guarding our bodies from sickness and disease.
  • Anyone suffering from tension or migraine headaches would benefit because the action of massage releases endorphins which are our bodies God-given pain killers. Again lay on a massage table and drop those pills! For another natural alternative for headaches read my blog post “Don’t Take 2 Pills and Call Me In the Morning!”
  • Adding massage has been shown to result in more hours of sleep and a deeper sleep.
  • In addition to all the greatness above there are studies showing that massage may help in weight loss (along with proper nutrition and exercise of course).
So there you have it. No more feeling guilty for getting a massage now that it is clear massage is a gift for both health AND relaxation. ***GIVEAWAY ALERT*** In perfect timing for your last-minute holiday list shopping I have partnered with Dynamic Orthopedic Massage Therapy to offer you the chance to win a 90 minute massage treatment valued at $105.00! All of the details regarding the giveaway will be shared LIVE on my personal Facebook page @JohannaEarthlyRamos TODAY December 20, 2016 and then brought here. Don’t miss the broadcast so that you can get a jump on your entries! To find out more about my amazing partner for this giveaway visit their website roderickgibbs.com.
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