EBNL Client Spotlight: Janika H

Transforming your mind is the key to having sustainable success in your health goals. Here is a prime example of what that looks like from this month’s EBNL Client Spotlight Janika. After going back and forth over the idea of investing in the customized cleanse she put it on the back burner because of the financial commitment and purchased not 1, but 2 tablets which equaled the exact cost of the EBNL Customized Cleanse. She told me “I had a brief thought about the detox plan but I just had to have those tablets (why I don’t know).” Immediately after making the purchase she had buyer’s remorse because “if I could purchase those tablets then I could sacrifice that money on the detox and invest in my health.” The next day when she could pick the tablets up she went in the store and cancelled the order and put that money on her journey to healthy natural living with EBNL. Janika transformed her mind so that she could truly transform her body and life. She continues to gift amazing things to her body post cleanse and has maintained a plant based diet. Here is her testimonial as an EBNL Customized Cleanse client.


“My body had been screaming for attention, and although I gave it some good attention a few times before doing green smoothie cleanses I did the cleanses for the wrong reason….to lose weight!  After the weight was gone it eventually came creeping right back along.  🙁  No plan to maintain was no Bueno.  After dealing with different health issues and taking different medications that did not help my issues I was in search of a more natural approach.

Doing some research on my own and being Facebook friend’s with Johanna was not a coincidence to me.  Watching her, her video’s and reading her story touched the inner part of me.  This wasn’t just someone unknown talking about this way of life but someone I actually knew of in real life that made a beautiful change.  After some self talk and convictions from God I began my lifestyle change with EBNL and a wonderful coach by the name of Johanna Earthly Ramos.
I would not change this journey for the world, but I would change the time to start earlier than I did if I could.  Johanna is very passionate about her assignment and that’s a plus.  She is very knowledgeable and does not mind checking you (for your good of course).  The one on one calls were great and are an added bonus.  I really hated to start my last call because I did not want them to end.  I was a little emotional.  This cleanse is not another diet fad but it’s definitely an awesome jump start to a greater healthier living (if you have your mind prepared).  There are benefits upon benefits when you give your body what is desires and truly need.  When you get asked what kind of makeup are you wearing but the only thing you have on is some chap stick, then you know that the journey is definitely worth it and worth maintaining. 
This is definitely a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious journey.
Thank you Johanna and EBNL for being the woman of God that you are and for your obedience to His voice.  ♥
P.S. I forgot to mention I did lose pounds and inches, but that’s a given when you are giving your body the nutrients and minerals it truly should have to perform at its best.  You will glow like never before.  ♥”
Janika H, Florida
Janika’s testimonial proves that once you get your spirit, heart and mind inline your body has no choice but to sprint after them! Are you ready to discover the very best version of yourself? Click the Shop EBNL tab to read the descriptions of the various products and plans and purchase the one perfect for your natural living goals. You should also click 90 Day Cleanse for more details on how it works and my journey. Let’s chat about your health goals by clicking Schedule My Appointment here or above. Leave your COMMENTs and encouraging words for Janika in the box below and SHARE this testimonial with your social media and email peeps. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE!

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