EBNL Client Spotlight: Chandra H

Transforming your mind is the key to having sustainable success in your health goals. Here is a prime example of what that looks like from this month’s EBNL Client Spotlight Chandra. This travelista is a true foodie that was unsure whether she could complete her cleanse without cheating. But once her “why?” became greater than her self-doubt there was no keeping her from her goals of getting serious about her health. Chandra says “My journey is forever. I think about every piece of food I put in my mouth. I believe that what I am eating will either help or hurt me. The best gift I could give myself is better health.” Chandra transformed her mind so that she could truly transform her body and life. Here is her testimonial as an EBNL Customized Reboot Cleanse client.


I have completed the Customized Reboot Cleanse with Earthly Bodies.  Once I received my plan, I was hesitant that I could really do it without cheating.  I am what you call a “True Foodie” that has been known to get out of the bed at midnight to drive to Dunkin Donuts for a snack.  I was 30 lbs overweight, suffered from chronic fatigue and taking a pill everyday to control my blood pressure.  That’s right, a foodie with a sugar addiction and Hypertension.  After trying several “diets” and watching my mom recover from a Stroke, I decided it was time for me to get serious about my health. 
 From day 1 I was all in.  I was serious about my water intake and preparing my juices for the next day.  Not even a burned out juicer and busted sink pipe could stop my journey.  I have a new found love for veggies (especially avocados) and fresh juices.  I am down 11 lbs and my blood pressure is slowly decreasing.   I am still taking a BP pill, but I am positive in more time my celery juice will permanently replace the pill. I have more energy and don’t feel sluggish throughout the day.
My journey is forever.  I think about every piece of food I put in my mouth.  I believe that what I am eating will either help or hurt me.  Moving forward, I my diet is 80% plant based and 20% everything else.  I have celery juice every morning and 1-2 additional 14 oz juices for the day.  Juicing is apart of my healthy journey because I can get more nutrients in my body by juicing than eating them.   The best gift I could give myself was better health.  I am grateful for this journey and finding Earthly Bodies!


Chandra’s testimonial proves that once you get your spirit, heart and mind inline your body has no choice but to sprint after them! Are you ready to discover the very best version of yourself? Click the Shop EBNL tab to read the descriptions of the various products and plans and purchase the one perfect for your natural living goals. You should also click 90 Day Cleanse for more details on how it works and my journey. Let’s chat about your health goals by clicking Schedule My Appointment here or above. Leave your COMMENTs and encouraging words for Chandra in the box below and SHARE this testimonial with your social media and email peeps. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE!

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