EBNL 90 Day Customized Cleanse Program


This is NOT a diet!

The EBNL 90 Day Customized Cleanse Program takes a holistic approach designed to get you aligned Spiritually, Mentally and Physically allowing your body to perform at it’s optimum ability in all facets. Once your mind and heart get aligned your body has no choice but to sprint after them! Losing healthy weight is a side effect that  comes naturally through your discipline in the program, but is not the focal point of your journey. The true gift of EBNL is the energy, mental clarity and healing of ailments you have been dealing with longer than you have to. I am personally no longer hypoglycemic, no longer have painful menstrual periods or take medication for stress/anxiety and I have lost and maintained 55 lbs. and counting going on 4 years.


As an EBNL 90 Day Customized Program Client you will receive:

  • 1 hour #EatYourMedicine consultation to discuss your current health goals, lifestyle and any medical conditions you have. This will provide what’s necessary to build your customize detox plan.
  • 12 weekly sessions of holistic health education to discuss your progress and planning moving forward.
  • A customized meal plan for 20 days specific to your blood type and lifestyle.
  • Detailed grocery list and recipes for your meal plan.
  • A full body cleansing herbal tonic.
  • Vitamin/Herbal Supplements specific to your current conditions and goals.
  • Required reading and video materials to encourage you spiritually and increase you mentally in the knowledge of your lifestyle change.
  • Daily affirmations, assignments and several lifestyle habits you can incorporate right away.
  • Earthly Bodies Natural Living customized workbook, tote bag and pen.

In order to take control of your health you must take control of your mind and body. Without a changed mind your body will not succeed long term. Again this is not another diet or quick fix…it’s a total change in your way of LIVING that will set you up for the healthier life you desire and deserve…the one Father GOD intended for us to have

The investment for this program is $900 and your health goals are worth it! Recurring payments available if needed.
EBNL is for everyone, however not everyone is ready for the path it will take you. If you just want to lose 5-10 lbs. “real quick” or just want to get into that dress or those pants for one occasion you are not ready. There are too many pills, powders and teas on the market that claim to give you those temporary results. But when your mind is receptive and you’re ready to LIVE and shed yourself of unwanted thoughts and an unwanted way of life click the add to cart button below or Shop tab in the menu or click the Schedule Your Appointment tab at the top or bottom of this page to set up a discovery call with me so we can chat about your health goals. Let’s get you on the road to real health and making your body a Spiritually, Mentally and Physically safe to LIVE.