12 Reasons Why Drug Companies Won’t Tell You About Celery Juice…

American futurist and self-described social engineer, Jacque Fresco said it best…

“If a drug company finds out that celery juice lowers blood pressure and if they tell it to people, they can’t sell their drug. They get three bucks for a pill. Why should they tell you to use celery juice?”

Well my answer to that is out of moral obligation and fear of God’s wrath for misleading His children, but hey ya know who asked me? 😉 You did Earthly Bodies and I’m here to share with you why I drink 6-8 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning as soon I rise.

I love celery! I get about 16 oz. of juice from 1 regular size bag of celery. Every two days I juice a bag of celery (avg costs about $1.10), drink my serving for the day and then place the remaining serving in a mason jar with a sealed lid in the fridge for the next morning. I don’t make any more than that to ensure I don’t lose all the amazing nutrients and it seriously takes only 2 minutes. For you calorie counters that 1-cup serving of fresh celery juice has 65 calories, less than 0.7 grams of fat and almost 2.8 grams of protein (mmm hmmm that’s right protein!). This makes celery juice a good choice to help you get 3.5 to 5 cups of vegetables per week, which is the amount recommended for men and women by ChooseMyPlate.gov.

Fresh raw celery juice is loaded with  a variety of nutrients containing almost all of the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help in regulating the optimal functions of the body. So here are a dozen reasons why I drink it daily and you should do the same. Visit Shop EBNL for all of your self guided and customized detox plans.

Celery Juice

Benefits of Celery Juice for Skin and Hair:

Yall know I’m all about natural beauty care! Celery juice can contribute to both your skin and hair health. Ditch the synthetic beauty products available on the market to explore “Mother Nature’s” line.

Hydrates Skin

Celery is 95% water which means drinking it can go towards your daily water intake and of course more water equals soft, supple, healthy skin. For more insight read 8 Isn’t Enough.

Glowing Skin

There are SO many great minerals present in celery juice like Calcium (mmm hmmm that’s right), Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. which when put all together equals bright and glowing skin.

Prevents Skin Damage And Other Skin Disorders

The water and antioxidant content duo of celery juice is also good for purifying the body and making skin clearer. Antioxidants seek out free radicals, which keeps our body free from toxins and prevents skin cells from getting damaged. Then water does its magic by eliminating those toxins and other waste from the body.

Keeps Skin Young

Celery juice is loaded with Vitamins A, B, C, K, Niacin an Folate, which are essential for repairing skin damages as well as keeping up the health of our skin. These vitamins also help in producing collagen and nourishing it. Therefore, you’re left with smooth, younger looking and wrinkle-free skin.

Overall Hair Care

Alright we just learned celery juice has a high amount of water and vitamin A. Both are great for our hair. Water keeps our scalp hydrated and cures dandruff, while Vitamin A provides nourishment to the roots of hair strands and makes them healthy. Celery juice is also known to stimulate hair growth and improve hair texture. Here’s your new prescription for beautiful healthy hair.


Benefits of Celery Juice for the Rest of  the Body:

Maintains Acid-Base Balance:

Your bodies pH balance is so important and very few foods are as powerful as celery juice in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance in our body. It reduces the acidity and makes our body more alkaline helping the pH levels remain good.

Aids In Weight Loss:

Remember a serving of celery juice only has 65 calories so shedding extra weight would be a side effect of including it in a smart healthy diet. It’s also very filling which keeps your appetite and cravings in check and helps you lose weight successfully.

Controls Blood Pressure:

By drinking only 1 glass of celery juice a day you will be able to keep your blood pressure under control. This gift is courtesy of 3-n-butylphthalide, which diminishes the secretion of stress hormones and relaxes the muscles present around our blood vessels so that they get dilated and blood can flow through them smoothly without causing much pressure onto their inner walls.

Anti- Inflammatory Action:

Celery juice is highly anti-inflammatory. It holds the organic compound polyacetylene, which inhibits acute inflammation in bone diseases like osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. and respiratory disorders like bronchitis, asthma, etc. YEEEEES!! Put down the pills! #NatureAlwaysWINS

Prevents Cancer:

Disease, including cancer, can not live in an alkaline environment. Eating fruits and veggies will get you to the promised land of healthy alkalinity ;-). Keep cancer at bay by drinking celery juice every day. There are 8 types of anti-cancer substances present in the juice that can heal cancer in a number of ways. The acetylenic content of the juice prevents the tumor cells from growing, the phonolic acid content makes the hormone-like prostaglandins (accelerates the growth of cancerous cells) inactive, the phyto nutrient content stops free radicals from destroying the DNA of our cells, (do you really need any other reasons?!).

Lowers Cholesterol:

Celery juice is a fantastic natural remedy for lowering cholesterol levels all because of (here it is again)the chemical compound 3-n-butylphthalide that has positive effects on reducing the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) in our bloodstream. It will also boost the secretion of bile or steroid acids which is helpful in lowering cholesterol too. Get this…the juice from only 2 stalks of celery can decrease cholesterol levels up to 7 points!

Prevents Digestive and Tummy Issues:

Celery juice contains lots of fibers which turn the plant into a GENTLE NON EMERGENCY laxative. The fibers discharges certain nutrients during the juicing process and prevents constipation by making the bowel movement smoother.

Who will join me in toasting to better health with 30 days of celery juice? Let me know in the COMMENTs below and feel free to SHARE this post with your social media and email list peeps. Here’s to making our bodies a Spiritually, Mentally and Physically safe place to LIVE <3!

For more tips on natural beauty care check out The magic of honey! and My natural hair care regimen.

The Magic of Pineapple and The Magic of YOU!

This title should be titled because YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Yes I’m yelling :). Your response to last weeks Natural Tip and Resource on Facebook with my husband Christovia and I discussing the magical pineapple was both heart warming and energizing to this girl. That was our first video and from the looks of the shares, likes, comments and emails we received it will not be our last :). You also wanted to know more about this magical fruit so again and as always ask and you shall receive.

For those of you that have not liked the Facebook page yet (what are you doing with your life? LoL click here…I’ll wait till you get back) here is that video. It’s a great introduction to the additional information you’ll receive below.

Welcome back! Isn’t My Boo awesome?! <3. Now that you have a general idea of the magic of pineapple and you know how to pick, cut and serve one up let’s dive deeper into 14 reasons it should be in your everyday diet.

  1. Ward off colds /Relieves sore throat/Boosts immune system. Pineapples are abundant in vitamin C and bromelain which fight against microbial infections. If you’re taking a prescribed or over the counter medicine to fight your cold eating pineapple along with it can help cure it in a shorter time and more effectively.
  2. Strong bones and Anti-inflammatory. As I said in the video pineapple has a rich amount of manganese which helps in strengthening bones, connective tissue and preventing inflammation for those suffering with arthritis. Just 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice gives you about 73% of the required manganese for a day!
  3. Strengthens gums. Your gums are the hug that your teeth never want to let go (^_^). So healthy gums = healthy happy teeth.
  4. Sinusitis. Ugh! Before changing to a vegan diet I went to the doctor one a year for the same frustrating sinus infection. Haven’t missed that visit…in fact my doctor called to check on me, LoL. Again it’s bromelain for the win in pineapple that helps rid you of this.
  5. Adult vision loss. When it comes to macular degeneration a lot of the credit for eye health goes to carrots and with good reason, but pineapple also contains beta carotene which empowers vision. Why not double up…they make GREAT juice together!
  6. Anti-Cancer properties and Heart Health. The abundance of antioxidants in pineapples help fight against free radicals. This halts the process of cell damage, preventing several types of cancers and the antioxidants keep free radicals away and lower the cholesterol levels, preventing heart diseases.
  7. Digestion. The dietary fiber, vitamin C and bromelain abundantly present promotes proper digestion.
  8. Hypertension.  The high amount of potassium and lower amount of sodium in pineapple helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. Good news whether you are suffering from or trying to prevent high blood pressure.
  9. Nausea. If you are prone to motion sickness or if you’re pregnant a key benefit from drinking pineapple juice is that it averts nausea or morning sickness.
  10. Acne. Vitamin C is a well known cure for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Bromelain which is  the anti-inflammatory enzyme in this fruit, boosts up the healing power of Vitamin C.
  11. Younger looking skin. The presence of amino acids along with the Vitamin C helps boost collagen synthesis. The higher the collagen synthesis is, the firmer and more flexible your skin will be.
  12. Strengthens nails. I’ve mentioned Vitamin C quite a bit, but when it comes to the health of your nails it is the lack of Vitamin A that makes way for dry, brittle nails and a Vitamin B deficiency will cause your nails to crack and split. But, you don’t need an over the counter multivitamin pill or other supplement to ease this condition…just add pineapple to your diet.
  13. Prevents hair loss and inflamed scalp conditions. Vitamin C is also an important element in preventing hair loss. So eat it in slices, chunks, wedges or juice it up to reap the benefits and prevent hair loss. Also the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain prevents and eases inflammatory conditions including those that affect the scalp. It also offers relief from infections of the scalp, preventing unwanted hair loss.
  14. Thickens hair. The enzymes present in pineapple enrich the hair follicles by feeding it necessary vital nutrients. This improves the elasticity and thickness of the hair.

pineappleAre you as amped and hungry as I am for some pineapple now?!? Delicious AND nutritious…Yes please! My favorite quick snack is to grab chunks of pineapple and sprinkle them with Himalayan pink salt and smoked paprika…you’re welcome (^_^). What’s your favorite way to enjoy this magical fruit? Leave your comments in box below. Also be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!


8 ISN’T ENOUGH…Drink Half Your Body Weight!

THAT’S RIGHT! Unless you’re 128 lbs, 8 glasses or the recommended 64 oz of daily water intake is NOT ENOUGH. Wanna know why? Let’s talk it out.

Drinking water is among the top three most amazing things you can do for your body everyday because it’s the most awesome and magical liquid out there. We have all been told at some point that we need to drink more water, but do you truly understand why it’s necessary or are you doing it because Mama said so or not doing it because you just don’t like it…tsk tsk tsk if you’re the last one. Here’s why it is sooo important that we drink water every day and just how much we’re talkin’.

  • Drinking water provides the means for nutrients to travel to your organs and tissues. This is why I drink 16 oz of room temperature to hot water with a squeezed lemon half every morning. It gets things going. Lets your organs know it’s time to wake up and do the doggone thang!
  • Water regulates your body temperature just like the water in your car’s radiator keeps your car from running hot. Such an easy way to take care of your body’s thermostat.
  • Water helps transport oxygen to your cells, remove waste and protects your joints and organs. Get rid of those middle of the night Charlie horses like I did by getting your water in.
  • Suffering from dry hair and/or skin? Drinking water provides the necessary moisture to combat those pesky issues better than any product or cream on the market. Your very own internal automatic sprinkler system ;-).

water per day

The earth is covered with 70% water and we know how bad off we’d be if that was taken away! Well our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water as well. If you don’t replenish it just imagine the Sahara Dessert over your entire body internally and externally. Making it a point to get your water intake is the most cost-effective way to alleviate some of your bodies most common ailments and issues. Take your current body weight, divide it by two and that is the number in ounces you should drink per day. You wanna drink less water? As your weight decreases so will the amount of water you need for optimal living. Two years ago when I started this journey I was 211 lbs and my body required 106 oz of water per day. Today I only need 80 oz at my current weight, but I’m so used to the benefits that I still get in up to 100 oz. I’m hooked (^_^)! Of course you can drink it as is or there are tons of recipes on this great internet of fruit and herb infused water.

What’s  your favorite recipe/way to drink your water? What best practice will you share that keeps your intake on target? Share down below in the comments.

(Hold your bottle, glass or jar of water in the air) CHEERS to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!

My Natural – Physically: My natural hair journey and regimen

Like so many other women one of the most liberating things I did in life was decide to start over fresh which of course equated to cutting all my hair off. I expected an I’m every woman, waiting to exhale, you’re gonna love me type of moment, but instead I was terrified and literally cried like a crazy person for 2 hours straight before, during and after it was over. This was Summer 2004. I hadn’t gotten a relaxer for 6 months prior to that evening when I went from shoulder length hair to only 3 inches of curly corkscrew spirals that I had no idea what to do with. Did I mention this was in 2004?! Waaay before returning natural was the cool thing to do. In fact to be honest I didn’t even know that was what I was doing, LoL!  There wasn’t even a trace of the abundant natural hair community support that there is today. It was 4 years later before I found my first natural hair guru on YouTube. Unfortunately, I had made so many bad decisions regarding my hair by then not even Curly Chronicles could save me.

The biggest of those bad decisions was that by 2012 90% of my natural hair journey consisted of me getting a weekly blow dry and flat iron followed by more flat ironing 5 days out of the week. It is an absolute WONDER that I still have this much hair on my head! Then in April 2012 my hair’s second chance walked into my teller classroom. I was so amazed at the beauty of this young lady and her hair. No chemicals, no color, just her natural texture in a beautiful crown twist. By the third day of training natural hair is all she and I talked about on breaks. I had no idea what had become of this movement. It was so on! I began watching YouTube more than tv…in awe of what had happened in 4 years since watching my first natural hair tutorial. I engulfed myself in it and between April 2012 to the present I have only straightened my hair twice all because I have fallen in love with my hair again. And it has never been healthier or more beautiful.

Now I’d like to share my tried and true regimen and favorite products and tools with you. If this post saves just one person from the angst of wondering what to do with their tresses then my job is done! On a weekly basis, no longer than 10 days, I detangle, clarify, deep condition, stretch my hair and style (in that order). The only exception to this time frame is if my hair is in a protective style like marley/Havana or Senegalese twists. So far I’ve only been able to stand to go 2 weeks without taking them out to cleanse. My hat is off to the ladies that can keep them in for 4-6 weeks… Ready? Let’s start from the top.



This is to me the most important step in my entire process as it ensures minimal hair loss thru the remaining steps. I don’t care who you are and what hair type you have the goal is to at least end up with the same amount of hair that you started the day out with. My detangle time has been cut in half with my Q-Redew hand held steamer. I typically do this step the day before I plan to cleanse to really take the time and care required to decrease unnecessary breakage and hair loss. This is hands down a staple tool for me that you will never catch me without on wash day. I start by dividing my hair into 6 sections and lightly finger detangling to remove any loose shed hair and use my shears to snip any single strand knots that I can’t work out. I fill up the reservoir on my Q-Redew, plug it in and within 30 seconds the steam is ready to flow. It doesn’t matter how tangled up or dry my hair is the combing fingers and steam melt them away in minutes!  Once I finish a section I finger detangle again and then run my trusty modified denman brush thru. Then I take a nickel size amount of my favorite oil  mixture, avocado oil mixed with a few drops of lavender and rosemary essential oils, and run it thru the section. Finally I twist that section up and move on to the next one. There are tons of reviews and tutorials of ladies showing you how to use this tool so I won’t attempt to make a video unless I start getting requests ;-).



This is where I get all of the past week’s product build up and environmental debris off of my hair and scalp. I look at it as a total reset for my hair’s ph. I haven’t used traditional shampoo for almost 2 years and with all the awesome-ness my hair and scalp receives from doing an ACV rinse I don’t see myself ever going back. In an 8 oz. color applicator bottle I mix 3 parts/6 oz. of water with 1 part/2 oz. of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I and my hair prefer warmer water but you can use your discretion here. In my research I discovered that I have extremely low porosity hair which means my cuticles are slammed shut. Warmer water helps them to lift and be able to take in what I’m putting on my hair instead of it just laying on top. In fact I warm up  anything that goes on my hair now and it works wonders. Next I undo my twist and apply the mixture over the sink. I prefer the sink to conserve water and I hate jumping in and out of the shower. Completely saturate your scalp first and then squeeze what’s left on the length of your hair. You will actually notice the dirt and debris running into the sink without any manipulation. Yep it’s both very gross and very cool. Pile your hair up on top of your head with a clip. Place a towel around your neck and let the ACV mix sit on for about 3 minutes. After return to the sink, massaging your scalp and then rinse the mixture from your hair completely. The oil you used to seal your hair in the detangling step helps ensure your hair doesn’t get that stripped down feeling. Depending on how it feels after rinsing I may quickly run conditioner thru my hair. My conditioner of choice is the amazing Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle. If necessary while the conditioner is on is a good time to do a final detangle. This conditioner provides lots of slip to remove any remaining knots or tangles.

Deep Condition


This step is the reason I don’t use conditioner consistently in the step above. All because I know I am about to treat my hair to a spa like experience right after. My preference is to make my own homemade deep conditioner from a mixture of avocado, banana, honey and olive oil that my hair adores! However sometimes I just don’t feel like making it or I don’t have my ingredients on hand. When this is the case I have 3 super terrific all natural choices to turn to. Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renewal Deep Conditioner that you can pick up at your local Whole Foods or order online, Koils by Nature’s Ultra Moisturizing Coco Aloe Deep Conditioner ordered online and MainElement: Love’s Herbal Deep Conditioner ordered online. All are so super amazing and moisturizing for all hair types…you seriously can’t go wrong. I divide my hair into 4 sections and just slather my dc on ensuring every single strand is covered. Finally I cover my head first with a shower cap and secondly with my solid gold deep conditioning cap that encourages a green house effect allowing the dc to truly penetrate all that goodness deep into each strand. I leave the cap on anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. If I really want to heat things up I’ll jump on the treadmill. Healthy hair and healthy body…yes please! After the time has passed I rinse the dc out with luke warm/cooler water because I don’t want all those great ingredients to escape.



One of the many mysteries about natural hair is how it has the ability to shrink. My hair when completely stretched reaches to my mid back, but if I leave it in it’s naturally curly state it is chin length once completely dry. That’s like 70% shrinkage! I prefer to keep my hair stretched because it prevents knots and tangles which lead to breakage which defeats my road to healthy length retention. This is a process and the stretching starts right after I rinse out my dc. I wring out all the excess water and wrap my hair in a t-shirt like a turban (using a tee instead of a towel prevents excessive frizz). The top of the turban actually has my hair twisted in it which is drying and stretching it at the same time. I leave this on for 30-45 minutes. Now that a lot of the excess water has been removed I add my all time favorite staple leave in Koils by Nature’s Moisturizing Shealoe Leave In Conditioner with Argan Oil. Yall I don’t play about this stuff! My hair is left with that final soft and silky feel that we all chase after. Finally I divide my hair into 2 sections, create 2 braids and crisscross them around my head securing them to my head with 2 bobby pins.



My hair is usually dry within 2-3 hours of air drying. If I don’t have anywhere to go I’ll let it dry over night under my satin scarf. Now it’s time to decide how I will style. My style of choice is flat twisting. Depending on how defined of a look I’m going for I will place between 2 – 6 of them in. My styler of choice for awesome added moisture is Entwine Couture’s Exotique Butter-Crème Hydrator and for a soft yet strong hold their Crème Jelle Styler. I crisscross these twists also around my head securing with bobby pins to get the most stretch or add flexi rods to the end to acquire more curl. The next morning I undo my twist with a little of my avocado oil mixture on my fingers to avoid too much frizz. Then I use my pick to create tons of volume and pull my edges and “penny curls” together with my lovely MainElement:Love’s Shea Smoothie.

Feels funny typing the words and that’s all there is to it, but this regimen has become a piece of cake for me now! Consistency in your regimen brings consistency in your hair health. Here are a few more pictures to give you visuals of my turban t-shirt tie, 2 strand flat twists crisscrossed and the result of the stretched flat twists.

Here's an example of how I tie my t-shirt into a turban. My hair is twisted with the top. Stretching and drying at the same time. I'm throwing up the "L" for lupus awareness month.

Here’s an example of how I tie my t-shirt into a turban. My hair is twisted with the top. Stretching and drying at the same time. I’m throwing up the “L” for lupus awareness month.

Part hair like you want it to lay and do flat twists on the side. Crisscross around head and bobby pin in place to stretch or use rollers to create more curl.

Part hair like you want it to lay and do flat twists on the side. Crisscross around head and bobby pin in place to stretch or use rollers to create more curl.

The definition resulting from my 2 stretched flat twists. I used a pick to lift roots for more volume.

The definition resulting from my 2 stretched flat twists. I used a pick to lift roots for more volume.

If you’re interested in ordering any of the products or tools I’ve told you about here’s the info:

The Q-Redew handheld steamer – www.qredew.com (Tell Heidi I said hello (^_^).)

Denman brush, Logo by Cricket haircutting shears, satin scarf, deep conditioning caps, bobby pins, color applicator bottle, water spray bottle, duck bill clips and flexi rods – your local Sally’s / www.sallybeauty.com

Bragg’s ACV, Avocado Oil & Lavender/Rosemary Essential Oils– Your local health food market or specialty store

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner – Trader Joe’s Market

Main Element:Love Herbal Deep Conditioner – www.mainelementlove.com (Tell Tyrika I said heyyy girl (^_^).)

Koils by Nature Ultra Moisturizing Coco Aloe Deep & Moisturizing Shealoe Leave In Conditioner – www.koilsbynature.com (Tell Pam I said she and her products are amazing (^_^).)

Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew  Deep Conditioner – Whole Foods Market or www.camillerosenaturals.com

Entwine Couture’s Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator & Crème Jelle Styler – www.entwinecouture.com

 What does your hair care regimen consist of? What are your go to products? Let me know below in the comments.

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