EBNL Client Spotlight – Yvonne L

It’s because of phenomenal spirits like this month’s EBNL Client Spotlight Yvonne that inspires me to continue fighting for my truth that God wishes above ALL that we be in health and prosper even as our soul prospers. At 61 years of age she was not willing to accept that it is just a part of life to be on medication in exchange for a decent way of life. No she has so much spark and vibrancy attached to the LIFE she wants to live and has taken control of her healthy natural living! Here is her testimonial on being a 1 on 1 coaching client of the EBNL Customized Detox Plan.


“I 14ae29981c1f4b0db5deef5d003d4de1have been following EBNL for a while and considering joining.  I didn’t take it serious until my faith in my doctor’s began to decline.  I have been diagnosed with 3 “diseases” that cannot be cured, but all I get is a pill and side effects.  I’ve been watching people I know die from mainly issues due to obesity, eating all of the wrong kinds (man-made) food which is saturated with all sorts of chemicals.  I also am full aware that God placed everything we need for nutrition in a Garden and all we need to do is eat it. Yet eating or drinking “green” foods seem to turn people off.

Now Earthly Bodies has packaged everything I need in a simple format for me to follow.  I just needed to make my mind up.  The first 10 days of my 20 day detox, my blood pressure dropped drastically.  I was still taking my blood pressure pill.  After that day I stopped taking the pill and continued drinking  my celery juice every morning, juicing and drinking water based on my weight.  My blood pressure is still at normal level.  Now I pray for changes in my thyroid levels.  I have realized this is a lifestyle change and not a diet.  I made a decision to live and live with the satisfaction of knowing I am treating my body as God has required me to.

Thank you so much EBNL for introducing me to this natural way of living.”

Love You,

Yvonne L, South Carolina


Yvonne’s testimonial proves there is no age limit on experiencing the optimum greatness your body has to offer! Are you ready to discover the very best version of yourself? Click here to open the Shop EBNL tab to read the descriptions of the various plans and purchase the one perfect your natural living goals. Leave your COMMENTs and encouraging words for Yvonne in the box below and SHARE this testimonial with your social media and email peeps. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE!

12 Reasons Why Drug Companies Won’t Tell You About Celery Juice…

American futurist and self-described social engineer, Jacque Fresco said it best…

“If a drug company finds out that celery juice lowers blood pressure and if they tell it to people, they can’t sell their drug. They get three bucks for a pill. Why should they tell you to use celery juice?”

Well my answer to that is out of moral obligation and fear of God’s wrath for misleading His children, but hey ya know who asked me? 😉 You did Earthly Bodies and I’m here to share with you why I drink 6-8 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning as soon I rise.

I love celery! I get about 16 oz. of juice from 1 regular size bag of celery. Every two days I juice a bag of celery (avg costs about $1.10), drink my serving for the day and then place the remaining serving in a mason jar with a sealed lid in the fridge for the next morning. I don’t make any more than that to ensure I don’t lose all the amazing nutrients and it seriously takes only 2 minutes. For you calorie counters that 1-cup serving of fresh celery juice has 65 calories, less than 0.7 grams of fat and almost 2.8 grams of protein (mmm hmmm that’s right protein!). This makes celery juice a good choice to help you get 3.5 to 5 cups of vegetables per week, which is the amount recommended for men and women by ChooseMyPlate.gov.

Fresh raw celery juice is loaded with  a variety of nutrients containing almost all of the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help in regulating the optimal functions of the body. So here are a dozen reasons why I drink it daily and you should do the same. Visit Shop EBNL for all of your self guided and customized detox plans.

Celery Juice

Benefits of Celery Juice for Skin and Hair:

Yall know I’m all about natural beauty care! Celery juice can contribute to both your skin and hair health. Ditch the synthetic beauty products available on the market to explore “Mother Nature’s” line.

Hydrates Skin

Celery is 95% water which means drinking it can go towards your daily water intake and of course more water equals soft, supple, healthy skin. For more insight read 8 Isn’t Enough.

Glowing Skin

There are SO many great minerals present in celery juice like Calcium (mmm hmmm that’s right), Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. which when put all together equals bright and glowing skin.

Prevents Skin Damage And Other Skin Disorders

The water and antioxidant content duo of celery juice is also good for purifying the body and making skin clearer. Antioxidants seek out free radicals, which keeps our body free from toxins and prevents skin cells from getting damaged. Then water does its magic by eliminating those toxins and other waste from the body.

Keeps Skin Young

Celery juice is loaded with Vitamins A, B, C, K, Niacin an Folate, which are essential for repairing skin damages as well as keeping up the health of our skin. These vitamins also help in producing collagen and nourishing it. Therefore, you’re left with smooth, younger looking and wrinkle-free skin.

Overall Hair Care

Alright we just learned celery juice has a high amount of water and vitamin A. Both are great for our hair. Water keeps our scalp hydrated and cures dandruff, while Vitamin A provides nourishment to the roots of hair strands and makes them healthy. Celery juice is also known to stimulate hair growth and improve hair texture. Here’s your new prescription for beautiful healthy hair.


Benefits of Celery Juice for the Rest of  the Body:

Maintains Acid-Base Balance:

Your bodies pH balance is so important and very few foods are as powerful as celery juice in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance in our body. It reduces the acidity and makes our body more alkaline helping the pH levels remain good.

Aids In Weight Loss:

Remember a serving of celery juice only has 65 calories so shedding extra weight would be a side effect of including it in a smart healthy diet. It’s also very filling which keeps your appetite and cravings in check and helps you lose weight successfully.

Controls Blood Pressure:

By drinking only 1 glass of celery juice a day you will be able to keep your blood pressure under control. This gift is courtesy of 3-n-butylphthalide, which diminishes the secretion of stress hormones and relaxes the muscles present around our blood vessels so that they get dilated and blood can flow through them smoothly without causing much pressure onto their inner walls.

Anti- Inflammatory Action:

Celery juice is highly anti-inflammatory. It holds the organic compound polyacetylene, which inhibits acute inflammation in bone diseases like osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. and respiratory disorders like bronchitis, asthma, etc. YEEEEES!! Put down the pills! #NatureAlwaysWINS

Prevents Cancer:

Disease, including cancer, can not live in an alkaline environment. Eating fruits and veggies will get you to the promised land of healthy alkalinity ;-). Keep cancer at bay by drinking celery juice every day. There are 8 types of anti-cancer substances present in the juice that can heal cancer in a number of ways. The acetylenic content of the juice prevents the tumor cells from growing, the phonolic acid content makes the hormone-like prostaglandins (accelerates the growth of cancerous cells) inactive, the phyto nutrient content stops free radicals from destroying the DNA of our cells, (do you really need any other reasons?!).

Lowers Cholesterol:

Celery juice is a fantastic natural remedy for lowering cholesterol levels all because of (here it is again)the chemical compound 3-n-butylphthalide that has positive effects on reducing the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) in our bloodstream. It will also boost the secretion of bile or steroid acids which is helpful in lowering cholesterol too. Get this…the juice from only 2 stalks of celery can decrease cholesterol levels up to 7 points!

Prevents Digestive and Tummy Issues:

Celery juice contains lots of fibers which turn the plant into a GENTLE NON EMERGENCY laxative. The fibers discharges certain nutrients during the juicing process and prevents constipation by making the bowel movement smoother.

Who will join me in toasting to better health with 30 days of celery juice? Let me know in the COMMENTs below and feel free to SHARE this post with your social media and email list peeps. Here’s to making our bodies a Spiritually, Mentally and Physically safe place to LIVE <3!

For more tips on natural beauty care check out The magic of honey! and My natural hair care regimen.

Let’s cook together – Dirty Kale video tutorial!

I know you will enjoy this raw vegan recipe as much my family and I do. It’s so quick, easy, delicious and nutritious…what more could you possibly want?! Click the play button below and let’s cook together.

***Remember if you are viewing this post from your email you will have to click the link at the bottom of that email to be redirected to the blog or just visit earthlybodies.org to watch the video tutorial included in the post.*

Did you cook it with me? Don’t you just love it?! Let me know in the COMMENTs below what favorite ingredients you decided to use. The combinations can be endless! Be sure to SHARE this video post with your social media and email list peeps. Everyone loves good food and we just pulled off making it nutritious as well. I would love to see your dirty kale creations so tag me on Instagram #earthlybodies, Facebook @EarthlyBodiesNaturalLiving, Twitter @EarthlyBodies or email me a pic at earthlybodies76@gmail.com. I can’t wait to see (^_^). Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE <3.

REPUBLISH: The Gift of Juicing!

This post was originally published May 2014 and deserved to be brought back to the forefront as it has the breakdown of why juicing is so magical and two of my favorite juice recipes from the beginning of my journey to the present. I hope you enjoy it again or for the first time (^_^).

I get people all the time that drop in on my instagram just to request juice recipes to get them started on their healthy journey. I tell you if I wasn’t so adamant about getting the message of good health out there I may feel used, LoL. But because this is my passion I always graciously oblige and provide them all with my two go to juice recipes which are “Holy Grale” and “Soul Shine” juice. I got these two recipes from the raw vegan extraordinaire Kristina Carrillo-Bucarum better known as Fully Raw Kristina on all social media sites and for over a year I have made them a part of my daily juicing routine. I seriously juice almost every single day. I may miss only 1-2 days a month and these are my two go to juices 3-4 days of every week. I get fancy and experiment with juice recipes on the other days (^_^).

The gifts that I have received from juicing are unmatched! Here are the top things I’ve noticed:

  • The fog in my head was lifted! I am thinking so much clearer. When you stand in front of a group daily and talk the highly regulated world of banking for 8 hours this is huge!
  • My energy increased drastically and almost immediately. No longer feel like I need to pull over and take a nap on my 1 hour drive home from work and I can make dinner and spend time with my family!
  • My skin appeared to glow. This is addicting. Your skin is your largest organ! It can heal itself from the inside out more perfectly than any chemically laced serum or cream can.
  • Of course weight was flying off of me like milk and bread off the shelves during an ice storm!
  • The juice was so jam packed with nutrients I didn’t feel hungry afterwards. Now 32 oz is my breakfast and more than enough to satisfy me.
  • My nails and hair were growing, shiny and so much stronger. I have never had pretty nails. They have always been brittle and full of those tiny ridges. Now I don’t even want to put polish over them.
  • Better health. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 3 years ago. My nutritionist informed me that I was ‘killing’ my pancreas. I was not 100% certain  what my pancreas did  for me, but I was adamant that since God sent me here with it I wanted to keep it! I AM NO LONGER HYPOGLYCEMIC!!

So now I would like to share the gift of these juices with you! First you will need a juicer…not a nutra-bullet, magic bullet, ninja or any other blender that is trying to pass itself off as a juicer. IT’S NOT A JUICER if it does 30 other things. I have had a Jack Lalanne juicer for 3 years now and it has been putting in work the last year. I love it! One day I would love to upgrade to a Breville or Omega because they wring the fruits and veggies almost completely dry of all that wonderful juice, but for now I am so good.

Soul Shine Juice

1 bunch of Kale (curly or dinosaur)

1 head of romaine lettuce

3 stalks of celery

1 large cucumber

3-4 apples (the more apple the sweeter the juice)

Juice of 1 lemon

Cut your veggies and fruit in sizes based on your juicers shoot to make it easy. I like to run my leafy greens thru first followed by my fruit and then my high water content items (celery and cucumber) to push thru any fruits and veggies still in the filter. I also like to manually juice my lemon and add it after to get as much of the juice as possible. OH and the magic to a delicious smooth juice is to run it thru a strainer before drinking it. Many will disagree with me on this and say I’m getting rid of too much fiber and my reply to that is I’m vegan…not lacking in fiber, LoL.

This makes about 22 oz. in Jack Lalanne juicer

Soul Shine Juice

Soul Shine Juice

Holy Grale Juice

1 bag of red grapes

1 bunch of curly or dinosaur Kale

That’s it (^_^).  You get it? Grapes + Kale = Grale…I LOVE IT! Run these ingredients thru your juicer, strain and enjoy. Let me just say YOU’RE WELCOME now because Welches ain’t got nothin’ on this!! Makes about 16 oz. in my Jack Lalanne juicer.

Holy Grale Juice

Holy Grale Juice

What’s your favorite juice combo? Leave it in the COMMENTs below.

You and your body will love these two juices!! When you try them let me know (^_^). GIVE YOUR BODY WHAT IT WANTS AND IT WILL SHINE FOR YOU!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my lil part of the web. I hope you enjoyed and will support the blog, follow the blog and SHARE the blog with anyone you feel could benefit from this info…which is everyone! Cheers to our Earthly Bodies.

REMIX: Finally Eat Your Veggies in HALF THE TIME!

If you have been a subscriber for at least a year this title sounds familiar. It was the post Finally EAT YOUR VEGGIES where I expressed my gratitude to my friend Jacque for her support of my journey in part by introducing me to the delicious world of roasting veggies. I had no idea it even existed  and I wasn’t taking any chances on anyone who came across this blog not knowing. There a 5 days worth of roasted veggie ideas on their AND the rundown of all the nutrients you receive from each one helping you make the recipe specific to your healthy natural living goals . You should go check it out by clicking the title above or clicking here (don’t worry it will open in a separate window for you to check out after you finish reading this one…go ahead click it).

I would like to apologize to those of you that read the original post and thought “yeah Johanna that’s great, but if I had 40 minutes to do anything that would be a gift in itself!” I get it…but even more so my husband gets it and he wanted us to spend more time at the table and not in the kitchen…hence this remix created by him ;-). (All together now “THANKS CHRISTOVIA!”) So here are two of my & his most frequently made veggie dishes and the remix is that they will only take 15-20 minutes tops! Let’s get these veggies on your table and in your family’s bellies tonight.

For these two favorites you will need:

  • Your clean and prepped veggies – 1 bag Fresh Green Beans, 1 bag Fresh Brussel Sprouts, 1 bag Celebration Potatoes (you know the ones in the cute lil mesh bag that are a mix of red, yellow and purple). Fresh garlic cloves or minced, diced onions and baby bella mushrooms depending on your veggie.
  • A medium to large pot and strainer
  • A medium to large pan
  • 1-2 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos 
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • My newest spice love – Smoked Paprika
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • 10-12 minutes in the pot / strainer and 5-7 minutes in the pan
    That’s it! NOM NOM NOM.


  • Fill your pot with a 1 cp of water (making sure you don’t let the water touch your strainer which will make  the veggies touching it very mushy.) Place the strainer over your pot and place your veggies right in. Cover and let steam on Medium High heat for 10-12 minutes.
  • When there’s only 5-7 minutes left in your steam time saute’ your onions in olive oil.
  • Once steaming is complete add your green beans into your pan along with baby bella mushrooms.
  • Saute’ everything together for 5 minutes adding in your season (aminos, pepper, balsamic vinegar and very little himalyan pink salt).

brussels and potatoes

  • Fill your pot with a 1 cp of water (making sure you don’t let the water touch your strainer which will make  the veggies touching it very mushy.) Place the strainer over your pot and place your Brussels and cut Celebrations Potatoes right in. Cover and let steam on Medium High heat for 10-12 minutes.
  • Once steam is complete add it all into your pan along with whole, chopped or minced garlic cloves.
  • Saute’ everything together for 5 minutes or until you get that nice crisp to it all YUMMM!
  • Add in your season at the last minute (liquid aminos, smoked paprika and balsamic vinegar).

No one at your table will dislike either of these unless they have a severe taste bud deficiency in which case all I can say is bless their heart (^_^). Your family will definitely want to make these recipes again and this remix method will work with the other 3 veggies listed on the original post Finally EAT YOUR VEGGIES (you didn’t think I’d let you forget about it did you?? Click it!). Please come back and let me know what you did with that extra time you saved. Use the hashtag #earthlybodies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show off your creation. Also be sure to SHARE this post on your social media sites. I love hearing from you so leave a COMMENT below. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe to LIVE <3.

EBNL Client Spotlight – Jay Q

One of the highlights of my business life has been working with this amazing woman! Jay’s dedication to anything she puts her mind to and hands on has been awesome to witness in the 6 years I have known her. This trait has served her well in her ongoing journey to healthy natural living as an EBNL Customized Detox Plan with One on One Coaching client. For her it wasn’t simply about the weight (although she did lose 6 1/2 lbs. on her 10 day customized plan)…she just wanted to feel better. Enjoy her testimonial below about all she gained from her Earthly Bodies experience.


Jay's skin was glowing in the dark on Day 10 of her EBNL Customized Plan!

Jay’s skin was glowing in the dark on Day 10 of   her EBNL Customized Plan!

It was at a time in my life when my whole world seemed to be falling apart!! I literally became an expert so I thought at making the outside me appear to be all together, while the inner me was falling apart!!! It wouldn’t be long before what was happening on the inside started showing up on the outside!! Suffering from breakouts in my skin, anxiety, bloating, tiredness the list goes on an on! Food had become the solution to my problems!! Instead of eating to live I was just living to eat!! I could not ignore it any longer I was in desperate need of help!! I didn’t feel like playing the guessing games with doctors at my expense, so I prayed and sought the Lord continually about the matter!!

One day while browsing Facebook I ran upon Johanna’s post about her business (Earthly Bodies) that really grabbed my attention! We finally crossed each others paths and I saw firsthand the amazing transformation! I found out that what she spoke of in her blogs was not just another fad, but it was a real life change that she had made!! I began to believe that the answers to my problem as well as my prayers were in her program! I finally called her and told her that I wanted her help on this journey, she gave me information about her program.

I will not lie to you and say it was easy, my body literally went through withdrawals! I felt like I think it was Peter in the bible who said “When I desire to do good, evil is always present “lol!! But Johanna kept me encouraged every step of the way! When I would get to busy with kids, husband, every day life that I would put off doing something she instructed me to do, she reminded me of the importance of making sure while taking care of everyone else, to take care of me!!! The videos she gave me that exposed the enemies behind all the foods that appeared to be all the right things, but were filled with all of the wrong things!! It helped me a lot.

I made it through my 10 day detox 6 pounds lighter, skin brighter, inches off my waist, arms and hips!! By day 10 people were coming up to me telling me after just 10 days how I was glowing and how I looked amazing!! I thank God for what He is doing to save the lives of His people through Johanna (Earthly Bodies).I still have a ways to go! Im not where I need to be, but thanking God that I’m not where I used to be! Thank you Johanna for availing yourself to help others! Your labor of love is not in vain!!

Yep 6 1/2 lbs. in only 10 days and she's still going strong! It's a lifestyle <3.

YEP that is 6 1/2 lbs. in only 10 days and she’s still going strong!


Jay’s results and testimonial prove that it’s all about making a lifestyle change. The weight loss is a side effect and definitely not the only thing to gain. She has now decided to purchase the SHINE in 10 plan because she likes variety and she’s just an awesome supporter of Earthly Bodies Natural Living <3. You can find this and other client testimonials here on earthlybodies.org by clicking the Program Testimonial tab at the top. Also if you are a client of any of the EBNL plans or services you can submit your experience by clicking the Contact tab. I can’t wait to share your story! Are you ready to lift the fog once and for all? Click here to open the Shop EBNL tab to read the descriptions of the various plans and services. Leave your COMMENTs and encouraging words for Jay in the box below and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your email list to share her story. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!

Vegan Myth Buster!

300 pound vegan NFL Defensive Lineman David Carter

Today’s post is dedicated to the mission of eradicating the myths associated with people being able to function on a plant based diet / vegan lifestyle. There’s a huge misconception that vegans are frail, fragile, weaker individuals. This has never been a badge I’ve accepted. My 5’6″ frame is healthier now more than ever including when I played collegiate sports. My body has shed 58 lbs. from 211 to 153 over the course of my 2 year 3 month journey to healthy natural living and 70 % of this success has been due to changing how I think of food and what I allow in my body.

It is disheartening to hear someone say that they don’t want to lose their butt, hips, chest size or thighs so that is why they are not eating better or working out. YOU’RE KILLING YOURSELF. Allow your body the chance to take the shape it was designed to have…the one Father God created. Fueling my body with plant based food has not made me straight and flat as a board. My body shape right now is at 36-29-40. I couldn’t do anything about my bottom half if I prayed and ran all day and I love it (thank you very much Earthly / Thompson / Leonard genetics (^_^)). I’m so grateful for positive body image. It has been a part of saving my life. Love what you have, who you are and become the very best version of yourself <3.

The above disheartening statement is something I hear from both women AND men. So in honor of football season (FIIIIIINALLY!) and healthy natural living I want to be sure all of you Earthly Bodies are introduced to 300 lb. Chicago Bears Defensive Lineman David Carter who is a vegan that is thriving, kicking butt and taking names in the most physical and competitive sport in my opinion.

A friend of mine recently texted me thanking me for not being a “pushy vegan”. I laughed and told her I didn’t quite know how to take that. What I do know is that in the end I want my health to speak louder for me than my words ever could. So as you read the article below please keep this quote in mind: “I don’t want you to think like me…I just want you to think.”

Enjoy this article that was posted on insidebayarea.com and then click the link at the end of this pots to find out more about his journey which began February 14, 2014 on the300poundvegan.com.


Guest commentary: Plant-base diet leads helps fuel top performance

By David Carter, guest commentary © 2014 Bay Area News Group
“As a professional athlete what I put in my body for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are some of the most important decisions I make every day. I must ensure I’m consuming sufficient calories to keep full and have the energy to perform at my peak while not overloading and slowing my body down. My career depends on it. So many people are shocked when they learn that I fuel my body with a plant-based — vegan — diet. I’m just shocked that it took me 26 years to gain the wisdom to do it!
A few months ago my wife and I sat down to watch a documentary, “Forks Over Knives.” I thought I’d learn something, but I wasn’t prepared to have my world rocked. I have long heard about the benefits of eating vegan, but I never thought I could eat a plant-based diet and maintain my weight for football. What I realized watching the documentary is that all the effort I have been putting in to get big and strong for my professional career was actually killing me.
I learned consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy are directly linked to the top killers of Americans. The very things we’ve been hearing since we were kids do our bodies good are clogging our arteries, giving us diabetes, making us obese, and are putting the current generation of kids on the path toward a host of chronic, preventable diseases that will end up shortening their lives and causing untold suffering.

Eating more plant-based meals is supported by Oakland-based Kaiser Permanente, which recently published a brand-new “Plant-Based Diet” guide in which it wrote, “Any movement toward more plants and fewer animal products can improve your health.” Prestigious health organizations like American Institute for Cancer Research recently say, “The research shows one thing very clearly: we all need to eat more plants and less meat.”

I’m not alone in this awakening. Professional athletes from an array of sports are fueling with fruits and vegetables. Ten-time Olympic medal winner Carl Lewis proudly stated “My best performances were when I was 30 years old and I was a vegan.” Smash hitter Venus Williams eats a raw vegan diet. And baseball legend Tony LaRussa loves animals so much he not only started his own animal rescue organization, but leaves them off his plate.
And speaking of animals, according to The Humane Society of the United States, if we all went meat-free even just one day a week, it’d result in a billion fewer animals confined on factory farms and sent to slaughter.
Most exciting is that it’s never been easier to eat a vegan diet. You can replace chicken nuggets with chicken-free nuggets, which are available in the freezer section of most any grocery store, enjoy wholesome fare like lentil soup, vegetable pot pies, and loaded sweet potatoes, or get your protein boost with a hearty southwestern three-bean chili. I fuel with lots of legumes, which are versatile and easy to enjoy in favorite dishes.

Since embracing a plant-based diet, small injuries that had been nagging me: tendinitis, arthritis, and, muscle fatigue have gone away. My recovery time and endurance have improved after enabling me to train even more!

I can honestly say that being vegan is not the only most efficient way to be full-body strong, it’s also the most humane; everyone wins. I hope everyone will join me in eating delicious plant-based meals that can help you feel great, help the planet and make a world of difference for animals.



Pretty awesome, right?! Click here to go to the300poundvegan.com to read more about his journey and platform to bring more awareness to the benefits of a plant based diet no matter who you are. There’s another super cool interview he did with GQ magazine  that you should check out. Also visit instagram @the300poundvegan and @plynnphotos which is his beautiful and talented wife that is also vegan to get her perspective. What stood out most to you in this article? Leave your COMMENT below and feel free to SHARE this post with your social media and email list family. Every blog post I publish is because I love you and truly want to help you make your Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE <3! Thanks for your continued support!


***photo cred instagram***

The 5 W’s on Colon Hydrotherapy

Today’s blog post may not make good lunch table conversation, but it can and has saved lives. I can’t say that I’ve ever met someone who gets excited about colon hydrotherapy, but I can tell you there isn’t anyone who’s colon wouldn’t be in LOVE with you for having it  done. Let’s take it back to grade school and discuss the 5 W’s of this treatment.


Overall health begins in the colon.

WHAT – Colon hydrotherapy is an ancient form of removing waste from your large intestine with filtered water. It is also referred to as a colonic, colon irrigation, colon therapy or high enema. From my experience it is a very safe, effective method of removing stored fecal matter, gas, mucus and other toxic substances from your colon without the use of chemicals or drugs. This process introduces purified filtered water into your colon and body waste is softened and loosened making it easy and painless to evacuate the body. This is repeated several times during a colon hydrotherapy session which last between 45 – 90 minutes. This includes the  time it takes to discuss your medical history with your hydrotherapist, what will happen and changing clothes.

WHO – YOU if you have a colon! A healthy digestive tract gives up 2 – 3 bowel movements per day.  This treatment will improve the health of your digestive tract and increase your transit time of how long it takes your food to exit once it has been eaten. The shorter the transit time the better because this gives your food less time to just sit around and rot in your body. In a healthy body a normal transit time is between 18 – 24 hours. However, the average transit time for the Western population is 60 to 100 hours. All thanks to our over-processed world of “food” or food like substances.  An article from the Department of Public Health states that if you are not eliminating 2 -3  times per day you are to some degree constipated and this is a warning that your colon is not functioning properly. The slower the transit time the higher chance of the walls of your colon being lined with un-eliminated waste….you grossed out as I was yet? It’s okay…when you know better you do better!

WHY – Well if “who” didn’t do it how about this. The average person can carry up to 10 pounds of old waste in their colon. Yep that pesky 5 – 10 lbs. you’ve been trying to get rid of could be just this…old set up waste. Also it’s a fact that we are all exposed to THOUSANDS of toxins and chemicals everyday whether at home or work, through the air we breathe and food and water we take in and through any pharmaceutical drugs. This on top of sugar and processed foods being eaten more now in human history than ever before…that’s why. When you clean  your colon you are decreasing your body’s toxicity. Look at it like changing your oil in your car on a regular basis. We all know where that could lead if not done…it can’t and won’t function properly as designed.

WHEN – The number and frequency of colon hydrotherapy will depend on your goals, dietary habits, intestinal health and lifestyle choices. Having one is the first step toward better colon health which is a part of your overall health. A series of 3 is normally recommended to get the full appreciation of what colonics can do for your body. After your first you and your hydrotherapist will discuss your personal frequency which could be once per month, quarterly or yearly. I do this every 6 months as a check up that my diet and lifestyle is still on track to great colon health…so far I’ve gotten a gold star (^_^). Your turn!

WHERE – Use Bing or Google to find a trusted provider in your area. Visit their site to read reviews and take them seriously. Also call and talk to the hydrotherapist to get a feel for their bed side manner. I’d even suggest doing as I did and visiting in person to feel the vibe and pick up some information. This is a big deal and you need to feel comfortable with who you are working with. If you go somewhere and they just say get undressed and sit on this tube – RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! When done correctly this is a very effective and relaxing experience.

An example of a colon hydrotherapy bed "pinterest board style" :).

An example of a colon hydrotherapy bed “pinterest board style” :).


More like what I’m use too (^_^).

If you just can not see the hydrotherapy bed in your future then know that a diet full of raw vegetables, fiber, water and a probiotic will have your colon in a great way. As always I hope this blog post helps you, your family or anyone you love on your journey to healthy natural living. Have you had colon hydrotherapy before? What was your experience and please shout out the name of the place you go to in case another reader in your area is looking. Sharing is caring <3. Don’t forget to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your Email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!

EBNL Client Spotlight – Jacque E

Hello Earthly Bodies! Each month I’d like to bring you a client spotlight as a way to introduce you to real everyday people, like you and I, that have decided to take control of their health and make their body a safe place to live with help from Earthly Bodies Natural Living. It is only fitting that the first one go to my Mama, Jacque. Besides Father God she was the first person to love me in spite of myself.  I hope you enjoy this and future posts like it.

As a teenager and young woman if you really wanted to get under my skin all you had to say was “ooh you’re just like your Mama.” That would send me to a place where my only mission in life was to prove you wrong. Not anymore. My heart is smiling so big over her dedication and accomplishments in her natural living journey. Today, I would like this post to celebrate this amazingly beautiful and phenomenal woman. I’d like to share with the world how grateful I am to have even a small chance of that statement being true.

Today's Client Spotlight is about my Mama; my first best friend, my teacher, my Pastor and most recently she added EBNL Client to her resume ;-).

Today’s Client Spotlight is about my Mama; my first best friend, my first teacher, my Pastor and most recently she added EBNL Client to her resume ;-).

In January of this year she received news from her doctor that shook both her and I to the core. The doctor wanted her take yet another prescription which would put her at 5 meds. ABSOLUTELY NOT! After all I had learned to allow my body to heal itself that was not going to happen. Besides if I owe this knowledge to anyone she is first on the list! Operation save my Mama was in full effect and I was a force to be reckoned with. God actually used this event to push me out of the nest to fulfill my purpose of running EBNL full time <3. I am elated with the outcome of her overall health and that she is down to only 1 prescribed medication…WINNING! Here is her testimonial about her experience as an EBNL client.

My Mama loss 7 lbs in her initial 10 day detox, but has continued her journey with the tools and tips she learned from EBNL and was down 29 lbs. in 2 months. Still losing...

My Mama loss 7 lbs in her initial 10 day detox, but has continued her journey with the tools and tips she learned from EBNL and was down 29 lbs. in 2 months. Still losing…

“I have tried to lose weight off and on for years! As a matter of fact I  have been losing the weight loss battle since 1998! I have tried every diet under the sun that came in my path unsuccessfully,  sometimes doubling what I did lose. I have tried to do it on my own, thru reading an author’s book and following the plan, giving up along the way or following a fitness program from TV (only to realize that if at all possible I could just eat the little bit of the food plan prescribed along with the heavy workout, it was no way not to lose even not exercising, but never satisfying).

I was offered a plan which constituted a new way of thinking whereby I eat to live, rather than live to eat, by my daughter-Johanna Earthly Ramos, that included a mindset change whereby I wasn’t  dieting (they all fail), but Healthy Eating, Drinking and Exercise as a Lifestyle, in July 2014 of which I heard her, but did not adhere and continued to try other things, still unsuccessfully! Thanks Be To FATHER GOD  that my daughter never gave up on me!

Then it happened! Jan. 27, 2015, I took a look at myself in the mirror, did not like what I saw (how so out of shape I had gotten and disgusted about the amount of medicine I was on), that I made the decision to truly do something about the look of sick and unhealthy that I refused to let plague me any longer, because it wasn’t the way FATHER GOD  designed me to be!

 On Jan. 28, 2015, I weighed in at 214 lbs. I’ve always heard health specialist say that I needed to walk 10,000 steps a day, outside of my job or daily regimen, so I decided to see what that would be. To my surprise it was a 5 mile walk! So I did it everyday from that point on! So excited on Feb. 4, 2015 that I told my daughter about it. She reminded me that I would also have to change my eating habits to effect the change in my body and health that I was looking for. So on that day, I decided to give her 10 Day Detox Plan a try.
I started on Feb. 16, 2015 (still doing my daily 5 mile walk). I went from 214 lbs. to 207 lbs.. Implementing the tips of her plan after my 10 day detox ten days later, on the 26th of Feb., I weighed in at 196 lbs. and 2 dress sizes smaller, having lost several inches as well. I am now getting in clothes that still had tags on them that I have never been able to wear. Moving from a size 18 to a 14 and some size 12-14!
I continued to maintain in this new Lifestyle of eating and decided on April 8, 2015 to do a 5 Day Detox under her supervision! To my surprise, along with my continued exercise regimen and healthy eating, I went from 196 to 185 and have been maintaining that weight to now. I have 29 down and 31 more pounds to lose and keep off from this point on! Thanks Johanna & Earthly Bodies Natural Living as I continue giving my body what it needs and it shining for me. I feel great and am hardly taking any medication that has been prescribed for me. And yes, I have my Check-ups and my doctor says I am looking and doing very good. PRAISE THE LORD! Obedience always brings the intended Blessing!”
You can find this and other client testimonials here on earthlybodies.org by clicking the Program Testimonial tab at the top. Also if you are a client of any of the EBNL plans or services you can submit your experience by clicking the Contact tab. I can’t wait to share your story! What ailment or condition are you curious if a change in lifestyle is the answer to? Leave your comments and encouraging words for Mama/Jacque in the box below. Also be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!





The Magic of Pineapple and The Magic of YOU!

This title should be titled because YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Yes I’m yelling :). Your response to last weeks Natural Tip and Resource on Facebook with my husband Christovia and I discussing the magical pineapple was both heart warming and energizing to this girl. That was our first video and from the looks of the shares, likes, comments and emails we received it will not be our last :). You also wanted to know more about this magical fruit so again and as always ask and you shall receive.

For those of you that have not liked the Facebook page yet (what are you doing with your life? LoL click here…I’ll wait till you get back) here is that video. It’s a great introduction to the additional information you’ll receive below.

Welcome back! Isn’t My Boo awesome?! <3. Now that you have a general idea of the magic of pineapple and you know how to pick, cut and serve one up let’s dive deeper into 14 reasons it should be in your everyday diet.

  1. Ward off colds /Relieves sore throat/Boosts immune system. Pineapples are abundant in vitamin C and bromelain which fight against microbial infections. If you’re taking a prescribed or over the counter medicine to fight your cold eating pineapple along with it can help cure it in a shorter time and more effectively.
  2. Strong bones and Anti-inflammatory. As I said in the video pineapple has a rich amount of manganese which helps in strengthening bones, connective tissue and preventing inflammation for those suffering with arthritis. Just 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice gives you about 73% of the required manganese for a day!
  3. Strengthens gums. Your gums are the hug that your teeth never want to let go (^_^). So healthy gums = healthy happy teeth.
  4. Sinusitis. Ugh! Before changing to a vegan diet I went to the doctor one a year for the same frustrating sinus infection. Haven’t missed that visit…in fact my doctor called to check on me, LoL. Again it’s bromelain for the win in pineapple that helps rid you of this.
  5. Adult vision loss. When it comes to macular degeneration a lot of the credit for eye health goes to carrots and with good reason, but pineapple also contains beta carotene which empowers vision. Why not double up…they make GREAT juice together!
  6. Anti-Cancer properties and Heart Health. The abundance of antioxidants in pineapples help fight against free radicals. This halts the process of cell damage, preventing several types of cancers and the antioxidants keep free radicals away and lower the cholesterol levels, preventing heart diseases.
  7. Digestion. The dietary fiber, vitamin C and bromelain abundantly present promotes proper digestion.
  8. Hypertension.  The high amount of potassium and lower amount of sodium in pineapple helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. Good news whether you are suffering from or trying to prevent high blood pressure.
  9. Nausea. If you are prone to motion sickness or if you’re pregnant a key benefit from drinking pineapple juice is that it averts nausea or morning sickness.
  10. Acne. Vitamin C is a well known cure for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Bromelain which is  the anti-inflammatory enzyme in this fruit, boosts up the healing power of Vitamin C.
  11. Younger looking skin. The presence of amino acids along with the Vitamin C helps boost collagen synthesis. The higher the collagen synthesis is, the firmer and more flexible your skin will be.
  12. Strengthens nails. I’ve mentioned Vitamin C quite a bit, but when it comes to the health of your nails it is the lack of Vitamin A that makes way for dry, brittle nails and a Vitamin B deficiency will cause your nails to crack and split. But, you don’t need an over the counter multivitamin pill or other supplement to ease this condition…just add pineapple to your diet.
  13. Prevents hair loss and inflamed scalp conditions. Vitamin C is also an important element in preventing hair loss. So eat it in slices, chunks, wedges or juice it up to reap the benefits and prevent hair loss. Also the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain prevents and eases inflammatory conditions including those that affect the scalp. It also offers relief from infections of the scalp, preventing unwanted hair loss.
  14. Thickens hair. The enzymes present in pineapple enrich the hair follicles by feeding it necessary vital nutrients. This improves the elasticity and thickness of the hair.

pineappleAre you as amped and hungry as I am for some pineapple now?!? Delicious AND nutritious…Yes please! My favorite quick snack is to grab chunks of pineapple and sprinkle them with Himalayan pink salt and smoked paprika…you’re welcome (^_^). What’s your favorite way to enjoy this magical fruit? Leave your comments in box below. Also be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and the SHARE icons for Facebook, Twitter and your email list to share this info with your family and friends. Here’s to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to live <3!