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Natural Living Skin Care Regimen - The magic of honey!

Taking care of our skin is usually at the top of everyone’s list no matter who you are! It’s the first impression we give off whether we want it to or not (^_^). I originally posted my skin care regimen a year ago and at that time had been using it for 8 months. Now at the request of one of my readers I am bringing it out again because a) I’m still using it and it’s AWESOME!, b) that post has gotten lost in the sea of posts and c) I want to give you all want you want and need to live a full out naturally healthy life.

I’ve been using this regimen for almost 2 years now and there will probably never be another one for me. Enjoy the 2 part video tutorial and the information below regarding what I use and why.




Face towel – Make sure you are using a set of face towels purchased to ONLY touch YOUR face. Even wash them separate from all the other towels. If you wear makeup remove it first with Almond oil on cotton balls/pads. It will slide right off and with none of the irritation a lot of  makeup removers out there will give.  Get your water as warm as you can stand it and soak the towel in it wringing it out several times to really get the heat in there. Then place the towel over your face and just enjoy the relaxing steam until it cools down. The warm steam causes your pores to open making it easy to wipe away the days oil and debris that has set in. Once it cools down wipe your face and soak the towel again this time using the opposite side. Depending on how much time you have repeat this as many times as you want, but always doing it at least twice. Soak the towel once again and place it aside for a later step.

Now for the secret skin care weapon….

Honey –   Yep! The same one you use in your morning cup of  tea or your cookie and cake recipes. Honey is one of natures most amazing gifts. It’s benefits range from being an unbelievable skin moisturizer to an antiseptic that holds vitamins C and B. What I LOVE most is that honey has humectant qualities meaning it not only attracts water, but also retains it in the skin! So your skin will remain hydrated as the humectants seek moisture from the air keeping your skin supple and fighting dryness and wrinkles. I choose to use 100% raw organic honey, but I have read and seen results from people who use all different kinds including the one we all recognize in the cute little bear container. But the way my skin is set up though…I’m not gonna leave anything to chance! I have a separate jar that is only used for skin care. Please make sure your hands are clean before dipping out your honey. Not doing so could transfer bacteria into your cleanser and right onto your face…epic fail. This is your moisturizing cleanser! After your towel steam dip a small dime size amount into your hand and rub it onto your face just as you would any other cleanser. You may need to dampen your hand just a little to assist the honey in smoothing across your face. How long you let it sit on your face depends on how much time you have or what your skin is telling you it needs. For me if my skin seems to be in need of moisture (this is more so in the colder months) or I just have more time I will leave the honey on my skin like a mask for 5-20 minutes and have been known to let it sit all day if I’m just hanging around the house.  Grab your towel that you steamed with earlier that has cooled down at this point and pat your face dry (the cool water causes your pores to close keeping in all the moisture). You will be left with clean, dewy and soft skin.

Jojoba oil – Forgive me for not including this in the video, but if you’re concerned you’ll need additional moisture this is hands down one of the best oils anyone can use on their skin! Jojoba oil has properties that make it closest to our skins natural oil produced which is sebum. We all have it some of us just produce more than others. Like magic Jojoba oil regulates the amount of sebum produced when used regularly (YaaaaY for oily skin individuals). This is an excellent moisturizer. I no longer have to use it now that my skin has been regulated. After patting your skin dry with your cool towel put a dime sized amount in your hands, rub them together and apply just like you would any other moisturizer. A little goes a long way so since your entire body will enjoy the recognizable properties if you squeeze/pour out too much just move on down to your neck, chest, etc.

That’s it! Now your skin has an amazing palette to apply your make up or just head out the door looking all easy breezy beautiful (^_^). Try this for 30 days and come back here to tell us what you think. Be sure to take a before and after pic so that you truly see the results. I know that your skin will love it just like mine does. Here’s to healed, healthy, glowing, beautiful skin naturally <3.

What natural tips do you use for your skin care? Sharing is caring so let us know in the box below. Also be sure to click the star below to LIKE this post and click the SHARE icons to pass this on to your friends on Facebook, Twitter or through your Email List.