It's A Wrap! January Eat Your Medicine 10 Day Juicing/Plant-Based Challenge

What an amazing time I had with each of the beautiful Earthly Bodies that signed up for the Eat Your Medicine 10 Day Juicing/Plant-Based Challenge that ran from January 15-24, 2018!

There were varied levels of participation, but every single email that was sent out was opened so for me the challenge was a WIN! It was never about the challengers doing things the way I had them outlined, but about them using the challenge to their advantage and letting this be a stepping stone to a forever healthy lifestyle.

They all showed up, connected, grew and learned that their health goals are important, they are worth it AND they are attainable. Everyone deserves the health that their desire and are willing to work for!

Click below to take a look at January challenger Barbara B's video testimonial...

Are you ready to move forward into your healthy natural living goals? You don't have to wait for the next Eat Your Medicine Challenge. Instead let's chat about your health goals this week and see how we can continue to work on them together! Click hereto schedule your FREE 20 minute Health Discovery meeting with me.

 Here's to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE!