If  you know me in real life or through social media you will find it no shocker that I LOVE KALE!

Oh let me count the ways…






I have three words…nom nom nom. You would be super safe taking my word for it, but here are some supporting facts as to why this magical green should be a staple in  your life. And with all the delicious variations it will be an easy nutritional addition. You’re welcome!

Kale Yeah! 2 of the 3 main types of kale: Dinosaur (aka Lacinato) and Curly kale.

Kale Yeah! 2 of the 3 main types of kale: Dinosaur (aka Lacinato) and Curly kale.

This green is definitely the first example I gladly give to the overheard question vegans get ” but where do you get your protein from?”. But its greatness doesn’t stop there! Kale is also high in fiber (YES!), folic acid (YES!), potassium (okay I’ll stop saying YES after this one…you get it I’m a fan), calcium, vitamins C, A, K and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and copper. Add to that that it is an excellent aid in weight loss and you should be asking yourself which way will I be fixing this tonight?! Still not convinced? Really? Okay pick something from the remainder of kale’s impressive resume. It’s packed with phytonutrients, helps keep skin healthy and strong, rich in antioxidants, a proven immune system and metabolism booster, an anti-inflammatory, helps activate detox enzymes in the liver and in case I forgot to mention it tastes fantastic. However for those of you that just can not take the taste of greens (insert side eye) I’ve got you. Using kale in your juice and smoothie recipes is genius because it is trumped by the taste of your favorite fruits without compromising its nutritional value.

How do you incorporate kale into your healthy eating? Leave a comment below!

NOW GO GET YOU SOME KALE!  But first I know you will enjoy this raw vegan recipe as much my family and I do. It’s so quick, easy, delicious and nutritious…what more could you possibly want?! Click the play button below and let’s cook together.

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