I wish so badly to be able to say one day that our Health Care System, the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration are using their powers for good…that day is not today. We currently live in a world where the majority of doctors are prescribing drugs for conditions that cause side effects that require the consumer to need additional drugs to “treat”. On top of that all of these conditions can be eradicated with a proper diet of REAL food nutrition and exercise. I know this…trust me…even though I’m not a doctor (yet). Trust me because I’m a patient of consuming REAL whole foods and gifting my body physical activity 6 days/week. Trust me because the conditions I suffered with up to Fall 2013 and the meds attached to them are now only remembered in the words of my testimony.

I started my cycle at the age of 8 years old and have always suffered with chronic menstrual cramps on day 1. I’m talking extreme, sharp pains shooting from my abdomen and into all of my extremities. I am fortunate that I only suffered for 1 day, but by the time I felt grown enough to get my own pain meds I was popping 3-4 ibuprofen throughout those 24 hours to deal with the symptoms. 

During this miraculous time of the month (or for pain in general) make tea from fresh ginger and ditch the drugs!

During this miraculous time of the month (or for pain in general) make tea from fresh ginger and ditch the drugs!

Spring 2009 the level of fatigue I was experiencing was embarrassing. I was only 33 years old and only married for 3 years. Sure, being the manager of a top 3 bank with a multi million dollar book of business was stressful, however I knew not even that should cause me to only have the strength to crawl in my bed by 6:00 each evening. No deal for a young married couple. I had blood work drawn up and it concluded I was hypoglycemic. After meeting with a dietician days later it was obvious that my diet and total lack of exercise were the contributing factors. I was in tears as the dietician informed me that my pancreas would not hold on much longer and I was threatening diabetes. I wasn’t even certain what my pancreas did, but I wanted it to stay right where God placed it.

Summer 2010 I was promoted to the corporate position of my career dreams. The ramp up process included weeks of airplanes, hotels, rental cars, take out and binders on top of binders of information I felt I needed to memorize. Not even 6 months later my body shut down!! I began to itch all over ALL the time. I thought I had a case of hotel bed bugs. That was quickly dismissed by my general physician. She prescribed a tiny white pill for anxiety. I asked no questions. A few weeks later while traveling I woke up around 2:00 a.m. in a hotel alone and could not move my head. The pain in my neck and head was the scariest thing I’ve ever felt. All I could do was call my husband who was 5 hours away and thru my tears say “Boo, I’ve hurt myself…”. I honestly thought I was about to die so I moved my legs to slide out of the bed and put on sweat pants and a hoodie. My only thought was “if I’m about to die the paramedics can’t find me in my underwear”. The front desk called 911 for me and after an excruciating ambulance ride I was at the hospital E.R. being pumped with morphine. I couldn’t see…the muscles in my neck were seizing. A torticollis induced by stress and anxiety is what the doctor said I was suffering from. I commenced with a regimen of a muscle relaxer and anxiety med to cease the itching and have a peaceful sleep for the next 2 + years…

Then January 14, 2013 happened… Read A Look Back - Our Heartbreak In Miscarriage (6 posts down). My entire world changed as I began researching a vegan lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 7.45.14 PM.png

This is my Food Pyramid. In this pyramid I have found true health. My body has healed itself. I no longer suffer from menstrual cramps period! The wear on my pancreas has been reversed! My blood sugar levels are supreme! I have not popped a pain or anxiety pill since October 2013!

So don’t take 2 pills and call me in the morning. Instead eat from the bounty that grows from God’s earth. He has provided us with nature’s cure from the beginning. Give your body what it wants and it will SHINE for you!

What meds or conditions are you currently treating with real food or you want to know if you can? Leave a comment below.

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