8 ISN’T ENOUGH…Drink Half Your Body Weight!

THAT’S RIGHT! Unless you’re 128 lbs, 8 glasses or the recommended 64 oz of daily water intake is NOT ENOUGH. Wanna know why? Let’s talk it out.

Drinking water is among the top three most amazing things you can do for your body everyday because it’s the most awesome and magical liquid out there. We have all been told at some point that we need to drink more water, but do you truly understand why it’s necessary or are you doing it because Mama said so or not doing it because you just don’t like it…tsk tsk tsk if you’re the last one. Here’s why it is sooo important that we drink water every day and just how much we’re talkin’.

  • Drinking water provides the means for nutrients to travel to your organs and tissues. This is why I drink 16 oz of room temperature to hot water with a squeezed lemon half every morning. It gets things going. Lets your organs know it’s time to wake up and do the doggone thang!

  • Water regulates your body temperature just like the water in your car’s radiator keeps your car from running hot. Such an easy way to take care of your body’s thermostat.

  • Water helps transport oxygen to your cells, remove waste and protects your joints and organs. Get rid of those middle of the night Charlie horses like I did by getting your water in.

  • Suffering from dry hair and/or skin? Drinking water provides the necessary moisture to combat those pesky issues better than any product or cream on the market. Your very own internal automatic sprinkler system!


The earth is covered with 70% water and we know how bad off we’d be if that was taken away! Well our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water as well. If you don’t replenish it just imagine the Sahara Dessert over your entire body internally and externally. Making it a point to get your water intake is the most cost-effective way to alleviate some of your bodies most common ailments and issues. Take your current body weight, divide it by two and that is the number in ounces you should drink per day. You wanna drink less water? As your weight decreases so will the amount of water you need for optimal living. Two years ago when I started this journey I was 211 lbs and my body required 106 oz of water per day. Today I only need 80 oz at my current weight, but I’m so used to the benefits that I still get in up to 100 oz. I’m hooked! Of course you can drink it as is or there are tons of recipes on this great internet of fruit and herb infused water.

What’s  your favorite recipe/way to drink your water? What best practice will you share that keeps your intake on target? Share down below in the COMMENTs.

(Hold your bottle, glass or jar of water in the air) CHEERS to making our Earthly Bodies a safe place to LIVE!