You deserve the health you desire! 

Join the Eat Your Medicine 10 Day JUICING/PLANT-BASED Challenge TODAY!


Are you curious about juicing and the plant based/vegan lifestyle?

Have you tried it and want to get back to it?

Are you currently in it and you're ready to take your journey to the next level?

Whichever of these are you the good news is you're in the right place!


There is no better way to get in the highest amount of nutrients in the shortest time frame than by juicing and eating a plant based diet.

  • The EYM 10 Day Juicing/Plant-based Challenge will run from May 7-16, 2018
  • You must have access to a juicer to participate. No blenders of any kind will work (nutri-bullet, ninja, vitamix, etc). Trust me you'll hate me as the recipes will not be palatable (neither of us deserve that...). Also trust me that my juice recipes can't be beat when it comes to taste and nutritional value.
  • As a participant in the challenge you will receive the GLOW 10 Day Detox which as a standalone product is a self guided detox, but by joining this challenge you also get me as your health educator during the 10 day challenge.
  • We will meet in a private/closed Facebook group where I will go live twice before the 15th to ensure you're all set to start and each day during the 10 day challenge I will go live for 30 minutes to offer encouragement, tips and to answer any questions you may have.
  • When we are not live the group will be monitored for any questions/concerns you have throughout the day.
  • The cost to join the challenge is $77. If you were to invest in all that is included in the challenge separately your investment would be $407. 

I promise you a safe space for you to grow, learn and connect with like minded Earthly Bodies that are on a mission to take control of their health.

You deserve the health you desire!

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Join the Eat Your Medince 10 Day Juicing/Plant-based Challenge!

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